薯条How often do you get to cook a complete dinner with NO cleanup?This easy chicken thighs and fries recipe is an all-in-one healthy meal that takes almost no work and will probably become a family favorite.我喜欢它!非常容易,超级健康,味道好极了。What's not to love??

The whole thing cooks in the oven on a large baking sheet lined with foil.The skinless chicken thighs cook on a disposable foil broiler pan that's placed inside the baking pan.烤肉盘的原因是含有从鸡肉中滴下的饱和脂肪,我们不需要它。我试着用平底锅把所有的东西都煮了,但土豆出来时都湿透了。So be sure to use the broiler pan for the chicken and I've included a picture to show my pan ready for the oven…


And here's how you add the vegetables…


The chicken is always tender and the potatoes are crispy and golden.至于绿色蔬菜,I've done this dish with either green beans,芦笋,broccolini或者是拉贝花椰菜。我在这个晚餐食谱中使用的香料让它非常美味,但是你一定可以自己做香料。如果你尝试的话告诉我!!点击这里为了食谱。- Jenny Jones

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My Colorful Bowls

Shirley asks…What are those lightweight bowls you use?它们看起来很方便,颜色也很漂亮。


The colorful bowls you see in my 徳赢vwin足球videos are an inexpensive plastic set (6 bowls) that I bought at Bed,Bath & Beyond for $20.I have also seen them at Target.



脆皮燕麦片蛋糕I forgot how much I love this cake!Sometimes I'm in the mood for something just a little sweet and my Oatmeal Snack Cake is just what I need.It's still plenty sweet enough for a healthy dessert but I have to admit I like it with breakfast.为什么不呢?It's made with oats and some whole wheat pastry flour.The crispy broiled coconut-pecan topping is my favorite part!!

This morning I had a boiled egg,toast,甜瓜,一片全麦燕麦零食蛋糕,还有一杯牛奶。也许我应该改名……燕麦片怎么样?BreakfastCake?After all,格兰诺拉有燕麦,pecans,还有椰子,为什么不把它切成薄片呢?With breakfast.点击这里 为了食谱。- Jenny Jones

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琼娜问…嗨,do you have a simple fondant recipe?🙂


对不起,我没有。也许我的一位读者能帮上忙。Jenny Jones

May 23,2013

Easy Chocolate Brownies

Quickandeasy Brownies_9875_600副本You don't need butter to make delicious and healthy,难嚼的,软糖布朗尼。这是我最受欢迎的一碗速食简单食谱之一,这是我唯一做过的巧克力布朗尼。徳赢真人娱乐尝起来对你不好,但不是。This is by far one of my best dessert 徳赢真人娱乐recipes… for being healthy and for being so easy to make!You only have to wash one bowl.烤盘里衬着箔纸,这样你吃完后就可以把它收起来了。

There is no butter here.My healthy recipe uses extra light olive oil which has a very mild flavor and is perfect for baking with rich flavors like chocolate.橄榄油被证明对心脏健康。The nuts (toast them first!) add protein while dark chocolate chunks have benefits,too.等待,还有:这些简单的巧克力饼是100%全麦的,你一定会喜欢的!!

这是一个省时的技巧,当你的计划与箔。Lay the foil flat and place the 9 x 9-inch baking pan on top of the foil.向上按四周以创建一个“模具which then fits nicely inside the pan.You're welcome!!

如果你想要一个简单健康的巧克力蛋糕,try this recipe.You can call them whatever you want: Easy Brownies,健康的布朗尼,橄榄油布朗尼,Whole Wheat Brownies,或者你可以像我这样称呼他们……最好的巧克力蛋糕!!点击这里为了食谱。- Jenny Jones


Quick Balsamic Peppers


如果我不得不选择一种对身体最有益的蔬菜配菜,会是香脂辣椒和洋葱。颜色最深的蔬菜含有最多的抗氧化剂,所以你可以想象这种惊人的组合对你的健康有什么好处。看起来很花哨,但这很简单,简单的菜谱,十分钟就能煮好,哦,the fabulous taste.The first time I made it,I wanted to eat only these delicious peppers for my whole meal.

In this quick and healthy recipe,I add just a pinch of sugar to enhance the sweetness of the peppers and if I could have found a sweet Vidalia onion,I would have used that,所以如果你能找到一个甜洋葱,这道菜会做得更好。You can even add a jalapeno if you like things hot.这个简单的食谱是鸡肉或鱼的完美配菜,added to a pita sandwich,在牛排上,甚至是健康早餐的一部分。

Here are just some of the reasons why you should try these green,red,橙色,and yellow quick balsamic peppers: Brightly colored fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of vitamins,antioxidants and minerals,which keep the immune system strong.Green vegetables are high in vitamin C (good for bones,teeth,肌肉,和皮肤)红色蔬菜富含维生素A(有益于眼睛健康)和番茄红素(有益于前列腺健康)。黄色和橙色的类胡萝卜素含量很高(保护心脏,lungs,and eyes).

Overall,这些混合的彩色辣椒可能有助于预防心脏病,癌,记忆丧失,黄斑变性,通过增强免疫系统,might even help prevents colds and flu.等待,还有更多。Onions have antibacterial properties,help the liver eliminate toxins,也许对你的心脏比红酒更好!!

唷!有你的证明像这样一个简单的食谱可以帮助你活得更长!!点击这里为了食谱。- Jenny Jones

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Where are you from??

I hope you'll take a moment to say hello and send a greeting from your country.我从没想过我的网站会有这么多来自世界各地的访问者。Where are you from?To extend a greeting from your country just click""请留言。”"

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我还没试过,但我有两个很棒的,我的健康食谱徳赢真人娱乐Healthy Snacks & Appetizers"在Pinterest上登船。One is Pizza-Stuffed Mushrooms and the other one is stuffed with spinach,费塔各种番茄,帕姆洋葱,大蒜,等。Both sound delicious!–Jenny Jones


Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake


柠檬和蓝莓搭配起来就像桃子和香草,马丁和刘易斯…完美的搭配!随着蓝莓的上市,现在是品尝这道甜点的最佳时机。delicious lemon cake with lots of fresh blueberries.很多像这样的蛋糕都是从两块黄油开始的,但我的只能用1/3杯。And bundt cakes make a dramatic presentation.记得我那场盛大的希腊婚礼,when the groom's mom brought a bundt to meet the bride's Greek family??"A boont?A boont?""我喜欢那个场景!Did you know that blueberries are called"brain food?"They help your memory so you can remember to make this cake!!点击这里为我的健康食谱。- Jenny Jones

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