Dec 25,2017

Braided Christmas Raisin 徳赢彩票游戏Bread

Best Christmas Raisin 徳赢彩票游戏BreadMerry Christmas,Everyone!!

This is my Christmas Wreath 徳赢彩票游戏Bread made into a braided loaf.I used the same recipe,braided it,and just tucked in the ends and baked it as a loaf.I love it so much!It's beautifully sweet,has no butter,and it's ready in about 2 hours.I make this braided raisin egg 徳赢彩票游戏bread throughout the year,sometimes with just a little glaze…

Easy Recipe Raisin 徳赢彩票游戏BreadSometimes,I leave it plain for toasting…

Easy Recipe Raisin 徳赢彩票游戏Bread

I also made a whole wheat version,substituting one cup of whole wheat flour for one cup of white flour.

Whole Wheat 徳赢彩票游戏Bread With RaisinsIt's not quite as soft but still delicious and healthier.

Easy Whole Wheat Raisin 徳赢彩票游戏BreadSo it's not just for the holidays.My Christmas Wreath 徳赢彩票游戏Bread recipe is so versatile,you can make it all year,in different shapes,and even whole wheat.Click herefor the recipe.–Jenny Jones

Dec 22,2017

Merry Christmas to Me


Everybody loves getting my homemade caramel corn for Christmas but this batch is for me.Why shouldn't I give myself a Christmas present?It's not like I would eat it all in one day!I could.But I won't.That's my story and I'm sticking to it.😉

I hope all of your baking turned out and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.–Jenny Jones

Dec 16,2017

Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies

Whole Wheat Christmas CookiesGuess what?I decided to try making my sugar cookies with whole wheat pastry flour and they turned out perfect!In fact,you will not be able to tell the difference.I wish I had tried this sooner but I only make these Christmas cookies once a year.

I used whole wheat pastry flour combined with all purpose flour and now these healthier sugar cookies,which already have half the butter and less sugar than most 徳赢真人娱乐recipes,are even better.Since I give a lot of these as gifts,I prefer to use a cookie press – it's so much faster and it makes smaller cookies so you can give more.

I'm not the best at adding sprinkles but I do recommend a very fine ground sugar if using a cookie press.A more coarse sugar will roll off the cookies but one that's finely ground will stick.If you want to make my healthier Christmas sugar cookies even healthier,I hope you'll try the whole wheat version.I even simplified the process so these homemadce sugar cookies are a breeze to make.Click herefor the recipe.–Jenny Jones

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Dec 10,2017

One Pan Chicken & Veggies

Easy Chicken and Vegetable DinnerI consider this the healthiest meal I make.My one pan chicken and roasted vegetables is quick and easy and healthy.Vegetables are the lifeline to good health and roasting them brings our their sugars so the browning combined with their sweetness makes them super delicious.Then the chicken is lean and low fat because I use skinless,boneless chicken breast.The chicken provides high quality protein and all those veggies?Well,it's like taking a vitamin pill only better because vitamins from real food are much better absorbed than any pill.

Every meal I make starts with whatever vegetables I have on hand.That's because vegetables are loaded with antioxidants,vitamins,and minerals essential to good health.Each color of veggie has its own set of benefits so when you mix and match the colors,you get a huge array of nutrients.I make roasted vegetables at least once a week,sometimes served with just a can of sardines,sometimes with pork loin,but this is my favorite way to serve them.

The chicken comes out moist and tender every time.I only use oil,salt,and pepper on it but you can add some dried herbs if you like.I just serve the chicken breast whole with a big side of roasted veggies.This may seem like a lot of roasted vegetables for two people but I can tell you that there may occasionally be a piece or two of chicken left over,but by the end of the meal,every single vegetable is gone.And if you roast sweet potatoes,they are so sweet they can even be dessert.Click herefor the recipe.–Jenny Jones

Dec 9,2017

Easy Christmas Snowball Cookies

Easy Pecan Balls RecipeMy Christmas snowball cookies look fancy but they are so easy,even an amateur cook can make them.There's no mixer required because this recipe is so simple.You just put all the ingredients into a bowl and combine with your hands.After a brief stint in the fridge,you just shape them into balls and bake.They are actually pecan balls so you must be sure to toast the pecans first.It really adds so much more flavor to these powdered sugar cookies.

They make a beautiful presentation so I often give them as a homemade Christmas gift.But they don't just look good.These pecan balls simply melt in your mouth and every time I serve them or gift them,people ask for the recipe.And here's some even better news.You can make them ahead and freeze!Gotta love that: Easy make-ahead Christmas cookies!!Click herefor the recipe.–Jenny Jones

Dec 1,2017

Your Photos Here (December)

I love seeing my 徳赢真人娱乐recipes being made all over the world.  I hope you'll share where you are from and please send your photo to:YourPhotos@vwin真人娱乐


"Hi Jenny,This year my family decided to have a traditional Czech style Christmas.  However,rather than making rye 徳赢彩票游戏bread,I opted to use your recipe for Simple White 徳赢彩票游戏Bread (with egg),to make Soft Rye Rolls.  I used half"徳赢彩票游戏bread flour"and half"medium rye flour."I also let the rolls rise an extra 10 mins.  To finish,I mixed a whole egg with 1 tablespoon of water as an egg wash to brush over the tops,then sprinkled the rolls with caraway seed.  Delicious  Soft and tender with the taste of rye.  I just can't say enough about your Simple White 徳赢彩票游戏Bread recipe.  Not only has it produced beautiful bread time after time,but my variations on the recipe have all turned out well.  Thanks again!~ Bunny (in Chicago)""

~ They look great and thanks for sharing the details of your variation.~ jenny


"Hi Jenny!😃  I made your CHRISTMAS WREATH 徳赢彩票游戏BREAD and it came out FABULOUS!!🌟 I used one cup of fruit-cake mix instead of the raisins in the sweet 徳赢彩票游戏bread.Let me tell you this sweet 徳赢彩票游戏bread is wonderful,I can snack on it all day long….LOL!I plan on making this fabulous 徳赢彩票游戏bread again without the glaze,I like the idea of having it as toast in the morning.I'm also thinking this sweet 徳赢彩票游戏bread will make a very tasty French toast.Thank you again for sharing your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes with us Ms.珍妮!Happy Baking!🙂🎄A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!🎄""

~ Looks yummy.Thank you for the lovely photos and all the best for 2018.~ jenny


"✨ 2 Hours To Fabulous No Knead 徳赢彩票游戏Bread ✨ Thank You Jenny 💕""

~ I may have to try your veggie pizza.Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas.~ jenny

"This Pizza Dough Stands Up to Two Pounds Of Steamed Broccoli & Spinach & Diced Can Tomatoes 🍅 Onions,Low Fat Cottage Cheese and Mozzarella Sauce.With a Beautiful Crust!Jenny You Are A Gem 💎!Thank You,Jacalyn.All the above Vegatables were subject to
paper towel drying.There were no Vegetables Injured during Process!""


"Thanks so much Jenny you have delighted me and my family with your wonderful 徳赢真人娱乐recipes made simple.Attached is a photo of your crunchy 徳赢彩票游戏bread.I used herbs,garlic,onion powder and parmesan cheese.So delicious our family favourite!I made all this 徳赢彩票游戏bread in one day and gave it as Christmas gifts to my family.Merry Christmas Jenny 🎄""

~ All in one day?That is truly inspiring.Merry Christmas back to you!.~ jenny


"Look what I made!It's amazing,珍妮!I added a few ground pecans in the cinnamon mixture because Hubby likes nuts.  Thank you for another perfect recipe.  You're so nice.""

~ Those tunnels look good!Thank you for your photo.~ jenny


"Dear Jenny,Photos below of Polish Donuts with Blackberry Jam.The Pizza I have made twice.So good to have healthy 徳赢真人娱乐recipes.Fat a Conscience Wonders!I have Crusty No Knead buns in!Busy day here Baked Apple Pie.Recording 🎶  Screenwriting a Funny True Life Comedy.Abram Band is always busy.Wishing you and yours a Blessed Merry Christmas 🎄  And a New Year pouring out Goodness  from All Directions ✨ Always Warm Regards,Jacalyn Perriello.""

~ Thank you for the great photos – they both look wonderful!~ jenny"Pepperoni,Turkey,Spinach,Onions,Tomatoes,Black Olive Pesto Pizza.Thank you 😊 So Much!Always Thankful.""


"My first attempt at making your faster no knead 徳赢彩票游戏bread!""

~ Well that's a lot better than MY first attempt.Love the sesame seeds!"~ jenny


"Dear Jenny,I'm having a wonderful time trying your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes as the snow continues to pile up outside.No running to the corner store for 徳赢彩票游戏bread,thanks to you.  My newest adventure,hot buttery BISCUITS.   I followed your recipe for"Buttermilk Biscuits"to a T,with only a couple small adjustments.  Rather than rolling the dough out once,I folded the dough into 3rds,rolling it out twice more,to help create layers (like they do for puff pastry).  I raised the oven heat to 475 for extra spring,and put these 3 inch biscuits into the oven without any glaze.  Only after baking did I brush them with melted butter.

Oh my,OINK!OINK!Everyone was pigging out on your wonderful biscuits.    (Next time,instead of using buttermilk,I think I will use milk and add pickle juice to it  — then stuff the baked biscuits with ham as a traveling sandwich).  Thank you for another great recipe,Jenny;and the applause of my family.  ~ Bunny in Chicago""

~ You're a creative baker.Thanks so much for sharing.~ jenny

… AND MY SIMPLE WHITE 徳赢彩票游戏BREAD (with egg)

"Dear Jenny,I love it when leftovers and 徳赢真人娱乐recipes do double duty;so I wanted to share.(I hope you don't mind me sending you my variation).With a bit of leftover mashed potatoes,dried dill and dried minced onion,I turned your Simple White 徳赢彩票游戏Bread (with egg) into one of those gourmet,sandwich 徳赢彩票游戏breads.

First,I added 2 1/4 tsps.of dried dill to the dry ingredients in Step 1.  Then,I added 1 Tabl.of dried,minced onion to the milk in Step 2,letting the onions soak for a few mins,before warming the milk to the proper temperature in the microwave.  Then,just after Step 3,I added between 2/3 cup and 3/4 cup of microwave-warmed,leftover,mashed potatoes (prepared with milk and butter),to the dough and mixed it in well  before adding the final 1/4 cup of flour in step 4.

After baking,I brushed the loaf with melted butter and  let the 徳赢彩票游戏bread completely cool before slicing.The wait was interminable,as I was pretty excited — never having made potato,onion or dill 徳赢彩票游戏bread before.  It came out incredibly moist,tender and flavorful.  So delicious.The surface of the 徳赢彩票游戏bread is not super smooth due to the minced onions,but worth adding them.  My loaf came out darker on top than your original Simple White 徳赢彩票游戏Bread recipe,but brushing the top with butter makes it soft — just perfect for sandwiches.  (Perhaps I should have covered it with foil,earlier).   Thank you Jenny.  I wouldn't have had the nerve to try this if your Simple White 徳赢彩票游戏Bread (with egg) recipe wasn't practically foolproof.~ Bunny (in Chicago,IL)""

~ Your combination sounds delicious.Thanks for sharing the details for everyone.(Luv Chi-town!) ~ jenny