Mar 22,二千零一十一

Homemade 徳赢彩票游戏breadsticks

Wanna try something fun?Do you love crunchy food?我知道,而且我的芝麻面包棒太好了,不能分享,徳赢彩票游戏so here is a new video that shows how to make these awesome,crispy,松脆的面包棒徳赢彩票游戏我必须随时准备好我的面包条,所徳赢彩票游戏以当我到最后两个的时候,it's time to make more.If I do run out,I suffer a sad sense of emptiness at dinner because my salad doesn't taste right without them.他们就像一个巨大的蹲在棍子上的克劳顿。事实上,when we go out to dinner,I'm not opposed to carrying a little 徳赢彩票游戏breadstick baggie in my purse to accompany my salad.做那个密封严密baggie – we've learned that lesson in the past.🙂 Enjoy the video!!点击这里

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  1. 我自带沙拉酱!!I order it on the side and pull out my favorite homemade Italian or french.I have also embarrased Mike by bringing my own silverware!!You're not crazy!!but Mike thinks I'm a bit over the edge!!🙂

    I also prefer seasalt over iodized so I bring that too!!And the wipes,没有他们我永远不会离开家!!当我要去女洗手间的时候,I wipe the seats with them before sitting down.Everyone should do that!!!继续我的姐妹们!!我终于感觉正常了!!!🙂

    Suzy Floozy,Sue

  2. NVirgina

    If the Food Network approached you,wanting you to host a cooking show…
    would you do it?I could see you having celebrity guests,漫画,singers people from your blog on as guests to help you prepare the meal…OMG!What FUN!!
    "Someone's in the Kitchen with Jenny"… I need to be a marketing agent for them!!

    • Rhonda


    • 珍妮

      I wouldn't do it,unless they filmed it at my house and I could do it in sweatpants and no makeup,but then it would need a PG-13 rating (too scary for children!) 🙂

  3. 蒂菲芮

    Another gal that keeps random substance in her purse,嗯?I LOVE THAT!I had to ‘bust out' my mini-pepper grinder from my hand bag at lunch earlier,当我的朋友找不到足够快的湿毛巾时;我有很多东西可以在桌子上转悠。I bet if I looked hard enough;I could find Hoffa in there!!

    Tiffie Rui

    • 珍妮

      Tiffie,I carry a pepper grinder,too!我以为我有点迷恋,but you too?Now I'm normal!🙂

      • 蒂菲芮

        That's hilarious!!!!!😀

        Tiffie Rui

        • Rhonda

          That is funny…lol…
          Like 2 peas in a pod 🙂
          And Jenny the things you do that are odd I wouldn't call it abnormal or obsessed.It's using you smarts and that's why I like you the way you are.Don't change a thing…
          You either Tiffie 😉

  4. MrsNews/Kathy

    I am thinking you just might be my sister by another mister!喜欢你的样子,我想尝尝那些面包棒!徳赢彩票游戏!


  5. Lesli Wrona


  6. Lesli Wrona

    I love learning from you and the 徳赢vwin足球videos so much,you make it fun for us too.

  7. Rhonda

    当你提到孩子们这样做的时候,我觉得这看起来很简单很有趣。Kinda like playing with play dough 🙂
    正如我之前提到的,我需要更多的练习面团配方。徳赢真人娱乐I don't do too bad with cookies and this doesn't seem difficult to do,so maybe it's not too hard to do.I'm sure they are really good if you can't go without them 😉

    I like your little snicker of a laugh at the end of the video being Groucho Marx.I can tell you really enjoy doing these 徳赢vwin足球videos and thank you for sharing them with us.I enjoy them and learn better and healthy ways of cooking foods with the ideas you share with us 🙂

    Oh and Jenny are you having difficulties with the plastic wrap?…lol…funny 🙂
    I'm glad you left that in there and just moved on doing the video.我觉得这很有趣……哈哈……那天晚上我在姐姐家时提醒我,我需要铝箔纸来包东西。The foil was stuck like the plastic wrap and I pulled a little too hard and it unrolled ALL of it…lol…

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