彩虹瑞沙看看我今天在市场上发现了什么!Swiss chard is usually mostly green but today it was an explosion of vibrant color and you know what that means?更多的营养!!

名牌鞋在减价,或是热粉色的瑞士烤肉——猜猜哪一个让我兴奋?I was so excited I rushed home to make my spaghetti with chard for dinner.It's my favorite pasta side dish and I had it with salmon patties.

The chard is sauteed with some garlic and olive oil,add some Parmesan,stir in the spaghetti and it's done.Ten minutes.Like all leafy greens,瑞士chard有许多健康好处。

If you want to try my easy spaghetti with Swiss chard,,click herefor the recipe.–Jenny Jones

Nov 26,2017

Have Some Crudite

Colorful CruditeDid you eat too much turkey?Is that second piece of pumpkin pie still haunting you?吃点油炸食品。

Most of us probably didn't eat enough vegetables over Thanksgiving weekend.绿豆砂锅大多是砂锅菜,不是很多豆子。And aren't candied yams really a dessert?感恩节晚餐是一个伟大的传统,我和其他人一样喜欢我的晚餐,还有剩菜,但我冰箱里现在有一大罐新鲜蔬菜。我总是把油炸食品放在手边,但今天我多赚了一笔。

蔬菜是我们保持健康的生命线,当你准备了丰富多彩的蔬菜作为零食时,you're doing a lot of good for your long term health.I mix the colors because each color has its own health benefit: yellow & orange for eyes and lungs,red for memory and immunity,绿色代表骨头和牙齿,紫色和蓝色代表衰老和血压,这只是其中的一些。Eating a variety of colored vegetables will provide a variety of different antioxidants that can help keep us well.

每天吃蔬菜,both fresh and cooked,is like an insurance policy for your health.And fresh crudite is not only appealing to look at,美味可口。把新鲜蔬菜放在冰箱里,然后装进容器,看看它们消失得有多快!–Jenny Jones



I saw this in USA Today and thought it was worth sharing.Here are five foods they say are known to cause cancer:
1。Processed meatslike hot dogs,培根ham,香肠。Limit your intake.
2.高盐食物像腌菜一样。高摄入量与胃癌有关。Less is better than more.
三。Alcohol.It can raise your risk of mouth,结直肠癌和乳腺癌。Limit intake to one drink a day for women,two for men.
4。Charred meat.高温+肉类=DNA损伤化合物。在较低温度下烹饪,并经常翻转肉类以避免炭化。
5.Scalding hot beverages.Routinely drinking very hot tea,咖啡,or soup is linked to a greater risk of esophageal cancer.

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Oct 13,二千零一十六

Cancer Fighting Soup

抗癌汤健康的抗癌汤中的每一种成分都是有原因的。研究人员认为这些蔬菜含有很强的抗癌化合物。So I put them all into one delicious,有营养的,easy to make soup.And when you make it with homemade鸡汤,你会增加更多的促进健康的属性。以下是其中的内容和原因:

Broccoli,卷心菜,花椰菜——这些是十字花科蔬菜,the most widely recommended food group to eat to protect against cancer.


Kale – Dark greens like kale and spinach are key to cancer and disease protection.If you use spinach,喝完汤就把它搅拌进去。

Tomato – Red tomatoes are a must for anyone concerned about prostate cancer.它们是番茄红素的良好来源,especially prepared and canned tomatoes (even ketchup and tomato sauce or paste) but they need a little fat to be absorbed,所以你必须加入橄榄油。I use canned tomatoes because canned are a better source of lycopene than fresh.

Garlic & Onion – They both have strong anti-inflammatory properties and it's believed they can help slow down the growth of cancer cells.

So if you are looking to protect your health in the future or trying to prevent a recurrence of cancer,research tells us that eating these vegetables can help.  Or if you just want to be as healthy as possible,you will love this quick and easy homemade vegetable soup.Click herefor the recipe.–Jenny Jones



wound_healing_soup_vegetables如果你知道有人从伤病或手术中康复,make them soup using these vegetables: carrot,potato,sweet potato,red pepper,花椰菜,spinach and add some lima beans.By researching,I learned that there are certain nutrients that can help heal the body from an injury,a wound,or surgery.最重要的是维生素A,Cand E along with zinc,钙,potassium,和蛋白质。所以我用这些营养成分中含量最高的成分制作了这个配方,来制作一个强大的愈合汤。这也是一种美味的蔬菜汤,任何蔬菜汤都有利于健康。but using these specific ingredients provide the best concentrate of what is needed by the body to heal.

我用自制的鸡汤做这个汤。Chicken broth has its own health benefits and it's the best liquid to use.Vegetable broth is also a good choice but even if you use plain water,all the wound healing benefits will still be there.If someone is not able to eat due to a closed jaw or dental surgery,这汤可以煮成汤喝,or pureed and thinned to drink with a straw.

还有一种具有良好愈合酶的食物是新鲜菠萝(不是罐装的,只有新鲜的才有酶)。So the most beneficial meal to help recover would be a big bowl of wound healing soup with some fresh pineapple for dessert.

By the way,even if you're not trying to heal,这是一种非常健康的蔬菜汤,富含抗氧化剂,维生素、and minerals.如果你想用我的鸡汤做基础,,click herefor the recipe.你可以在冷藏前一天和冷藏后一天制作存货,把上面的脂肪去掉,继续这个蔬菜汤。一旦你有了存货,my wound healing vegetable soup takes just 30 minutes to make.Click herefor the recipe.–Jenny Jones

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Watercress Wins

CDC(疾病控制中心)刚刚发表了一项新的研究,列出了前41位营养密集的人。超级食品”scored by their content of fiber,potassium,protein,钙,叶酸,vitamin B12,vitamin A,vitamin D and other nutrients,all considered important to our health.Guess what's number one?豆瓣菜!谁知道?16种食物都是绿色的,我一点也不奇怪。列表如下:


Sounds like a good time to make my delicious Spaghetti with Chard.Click herefor the recipe.


To read the Washington Post article,,click here.

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Jul 28,2014

Eat more cheese.Really??

什么?Eat more cheese?还有肉?It's not a joke.如果你错过了关于饱和脂肪和心脏病的最新消息,it's about to challenge all your nutritional beliefs.几十年来一直被告知饱和脂肪会导致心脏病,now experts are saying it's not so.The new findings were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and included 72 studies in 18 countries involving over 600,000 people.There is no connection,they say,between eating saturated fats like the ones found in meat and dairy products,and heart disease.但这并不是全部。

他们也没有发现其他种类的脂肪如菜籽油和橄榄油有好处的证据。反式脂肪然而,仍然与更高的心脏病风险有关。更令人惊讶的是,牛奶和乳制品中的饱和脂肪实际上降低了患心脏病的风险!The biggest threats now?Sugar and excessive carbs.

甚至博士安德鲁·韦尔说他对饱和脂肪的想法已经进化了。He writes,,“鉴于这些研究的结果,I no longer recommend choosing low-fat dairy products.我相信健康的选择是高品质的,适度的有机乳制品。我的个人选择是高质量的,natural cheese a few times a week.我不建议随便吃饱和脂肪,because the foods that are full of it (salty bacon,conventionally raised beef,processed cheese) are often not the best for our health.Try to limit it to about ten percent of daily calories.您可以选择使用您的“budget"冰激凌的饱和脂肪热量,butter or high-quality natural cheese,or even an occasional steak (from organic,喂草,吃草的牛,please).

我仍然推荐没有皮的鸡肉和火鸡,因为家禽脂肪(集中在皮肤下面)含有花生四烯酸,which promotes inflammation.I also still recommend strictly avoiding foods that contain chemically altered fats (such as hydrogenated vegetable oils found in many prepared foods),as these do appear to raise cardiovascular disease risk.Continue to emphasize fruits,vegetables and whole grains,and limit sweeteners and other high-glycemic-load carbs."“

Wow!I need time to absorb this.几十年来,公认的智慧恰恰相反,我用我的成年生活来避免饱和脂肪,吃最瘦的牛肉和低脂奶酪。甚至在那时,it was in moderation.我的胆固醇一直在升高,但我认为这是遗传的。Now I don't know what to think.I don't even think full fat cheese would taste good!我喜欢饼干。Should I bake them with butter?我应该完全停止烤饼干吗?I need time to figure things out.

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还记得荞麦煎饼吗?Did you know that buckwheat has more antioxidants than some vegetables?So forget the pancake mix!你可以使这些健康,high fiber,十分钟内就可以吃到美味的薄煎饼了。While the griddle heats up,你把几个简单的原料混合在一起十分钟后,你的身体做得很好。Here's why you should eat buckwheat…

~It's high in fiber.

~It can help stabilize blood sugar.


~It's a good source of magnesium,which reduces blood pressure.

~ It's rich in B vitamins,particularly niacin,叶酸和维生素B6,都有益于心血管健康。

~It's full of antioxidants,including lignans,可以预防乳腺癌。

~The powerful antioxidants and flavonoids in buckwheat prevent premature skin aging.

~It tastes great!!!

Don't skip breakfast.Take a few minutes to have this healthy,高纤维早餐,你会有持续的能量和稳定的血糖,so you won't be snacking on things you shouldn't.这是一个简单的煎饼食谱,but then all pancakes are easy to make from scratch.I use a non-stick griddle,which doesn't need greasing but I sometimes just rub it with a stick of butter.如果你在杂货店找不到荞麦粉,look for it at a health food store.您也可以在线订购。And it's good to store it in a tightly sealed container in the fridge.
Click herefor the recipe.–Jenny Jones

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Jan 28,2014


Egg 600_7920

我做了很多煮熟的鸡蛋。很多。我冰箱里有一些……很好,easy to peel,没有绿戒指,hard boiled eggs for snacking,早餐,魔鬼蛋鸡蛋沙拉。I've learned a few things about how to make foolproof hard boiled eggs so here's what I know…

1) Really fresh eggs will be harder to peel so use your older eggs for boiling.

2) Place eggs in a pot and cover completely with cold water.

3) Do not crowd too many eggs in the pot or they may not cook.

4) If you see a stream of bubbles coming out of an egg in the cold water that means it's cracked.把破裂的鸡蛋取出,留作烹饪用。

5) Add ½ teaspoon of baking soda to the water.If you don't have baking soda,用盐。


7) Cover the pot and turn off the heat,把锅放在温暖的火炉上。


10) After 17 minutes remove the eggs from the hot water using a slotted spoon and place them in the ice water for 2 minutes.They will still be warm inside after two minutes.

11) Serve immediately or keep refrigerated.




所以我只知道做一个完美的煮鸡蛋。Now here is why I eat them: Eggs are a great source of….

~Protein,B族维生素and minerals.

~Choline,which reduces inflammation,protects against breast cancer,and supports brain health.


~有光泽的头发用硫磺,strong nails,还有发光的皮肤。

~新的研究告诉我们蛋黄含有膳食胆固醇,但它们不会提高血液胆固醇。关于预防杂志上关于鸡蛋的最新研究,,click here.

所以这就是我所知道的关于完美的一切,easy to peel,no green ring hard boiled eggs.以下是测验:Q:为什么棕色鸡蛋比白色鸡蛋贵??答:因为母鸡更大,喂养它们的成本也更高。营养地,there is no difference.



RedOnions我做的每顿晚餐都是从洋葱和大蒜开始的。But the taste isn't the only reason to eat them.洋葱和大蒜对健康都有很多好处,但在购买洋葱时,there are more reasons to choose red ones.

Cancer protection:Red onions have 30% more cancer fighting compounds than white.

Brain boost:Red onions provide quercetin,a flavonoid that helps keep your memory sharp and fights free radicals.



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