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Nov 4,2018

Custard Filled Pączki – Polish Doughnuts

Oven baked custard filled donutsSomebody please stop me from eating five!这些烤制的波兰甜甜圈是如此的轻,如此美味,充满了自制的蛋奶糊,嗯…我一年只能做几次。吃五个太容易了。Pączki are most often filled with jam but custard is my favorite by far.These Polish doughnuts are light and airy and really simple to make.

Filling them is the hardest part and a pastry bag does make it easy.I used to use a long,slender pastry tip but I find it easier to use a wider tip,something like these:

p_czki是传统的油炸食品,但我不吃油炸食品——没人需要。Besides,我不能不需要医疗护理就吃五个油炸甜甜圈。Oven-baked is the way to go.Fill them with jam or custard.Either way you will love these delicious pączki (pronounced potnch-kee).点击这里为了食谱。–Jenny Jones

Apr 4,2018


Best Recipe HaluskiHow can something so easy be so good?我太爱哈卢斯基了,我就是受够了。我妈妈以前做过,我从来没有向她要过菜谱,但我终于想出了怎么做的方法,就像她做的那样,真是太棒了!它基本上是一个波兰炒卷心菜和洋葱,这是快速和容易的,所以你需要提前准备一切。只需要20分钟。I slice the cabbage by hand and then rough chop it after that.

Most haluski 徳赢真人娱乐recipes use lots of butter but you don't need to.This whole pan has only 2 tablespoons of butter and some of that is stirred in at the end for a great flavor and finish.

Now about the sauerkraut: I LOVE the addition of sauerkraut but I know it's not for everyone (except us Poles 🇵🇱) but I do recommend trying the kraut version for a true Polish experience.点击这里为了食谱。–Jenny Jones

Nov 3,二千零一十六


easy_potato_soupEven when it's not cold outside,我还是做土豆汤。赤褐色土豆最适合做这种奶油味的舒适食物,只需1/2小时就可以做出。把土豆切成1/2英寸的小块有助于它快速烹饪,我总是把自制的鸡肉放在冰箱里,用来做汤和炖菜。You don't need cream to thicken this soup,only a little flour is all it takes.

Another thing I always have on hand is my (low fat) sour cream.Don't all Polish people have sour cream at home?好像我们吃的都是酸奶油…卷心菜卷,pierogi,borscht,还有土豆汤。I always stir sour cream into this soup just before eating and if you want the full Polish experience (zupa ziemniaczana ~ but we called it zupa kartoflana) top it with a little freshly chopped dill.点击这里为了食谱。–Jenny Jones

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Oct 8,二千零一十六

It's National Pierogi Day!!

Polish Pierogi

点击这里 为了我的食谱。–Jenny Jones


Sep 24,二千零一十五

Hunter's Stew is Polish comfort food


My dad used to make hunter's stew but he called it kapusta,which means cabbage in Polish.猎人炖菜,also called bigos,以泡菜为基础,通常添加肉类,包括基尔巴萨。这个食谱不仅属于波兰人。There are many varieties of hunter's stew in eastern Europe but they almost all include sauerkraut and various meats.

比格斯已经存在了几个世纪。人们过去常常煮几小时这种炖菜,即使是几天,adding all kinds of meats from beef,猪肉ham,香肠,鹿肉even rabbit – after all it was a"hunter's"stew.

我一直在努力寻找一种更简单的方法来制作大人物,现在我分享我自己的食谱,which doesn't require a lot of ingredients or a lot of work,and there is less focus on meat and more focus on the sauerkraut,fresh cabbage,mushrooms,and lots of flavor.

The recipe starts with store-bought sauerkraut and the best kind to buy is the one they sell in the refrigerated section and I use store-bought chicken cooking stock (unsalted) because there is plenty of salt already in the sauerkraut.I have also made my hunter's stew with homemade beef stock but I am not a fan of store-bought beef stock,only chicken.

猎人炖菜,like most stews (and like me) gets better with age 🙂 so try to make it a day or two ahead and let it marinate in the refrigerator before serving.有些人把它和黑麦面包一起吃,但我们总是把它和土豆泥一起吃。徳赢彩票游戏浓烈的炖菜和温和的土豆味道很相配。

It takes a lot of chopping and shredding but otherwise,this dish cooks with virtually no effort after that.Smacznego.–点击这里为了食谱。–Jenny Jones

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Feb 16,二千零一十五

Happy Pączki Day – Fat Tuesday

Healthy Jelly Doughnuts

Tuesday,February 17th is Pączki Day!It's a day celebrated by most Poles by eating as many pączki as you can in preparation for the following day,灰烬星期三,the traditional start of Lent,when many Catholics start fasting until Good Friday.所以如果你今天要好好享受P_czki,为什么不保持健康并烘烤它们呢??我的食谱很简单,你可以在里面放上奶油冻或果酱……我甚至用我的巧克力布丁食谱来填。(单个P_czki称为P_czek。)

Oven Baked Paczki

很高兴P_czki Day,每个人。And Szczęśliwa Pączki Dziennie to my Polish friends!哦,and Happy Fat Tuesday to everyone in New Orleans.那是今天最快乐的地方。点击这里为了食谱。–Jenny Jones

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Dec 18,二千零一十三


最佳配方CHRUSIKIChristmas in Poland isn't official until someone makes chrusciki.这些糖粉油条其实很容易做,但如果你没有擀面杖,就不会发生这种情况,因为关键是把面团擀薄。Chrusiki是我唯一油炸的东西,因为没有其他的方法来制作这种轻如云的饼干,我想这就是为什么他们也叫他们天使翅膀。所以我分享我的波兰圣诞饼干的配方,但事实证明他们不仅仅是波兰人。以下是他们在其他国家的名字:

Belarus – хрушчы (chruščy) or фаворкі (favorki)
Croatia – krostole
Denmark – klejner
Germany – raderkuchen
Hungary – csöröge
Italy – bugie,cenci,chiacchiere,克罗斯托里frappe,加拉尼sfrappole
Lithuania – žagarėliai
Malta – xkunvat
Russia – хворост (khvorost)
Sweden  – klenäter

Merry Christmas to all you cooks out there and thank you for all your comments and notes.I do appreciate the feedback.I hope you'll try this show-stopping,delicious holiday cookie.点击这里为了食谱。–Jenny Jones

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Dec 4,二千零一十三


Polish Makowiec Recipe

There are no words to describe the fabulous flavor of this traditional Polish holiday 徳赢彩票游戏bread we call Makowiec.The filling is a distinctive combination of ground poppy seeds,橘子和柠檬皮,还有烤杏仁。我喜欢这个面包!徳赢彩票游戏I grew up with it!它非常适合下午茶或作为清淡的甜点。

My recipe is pretty easy to make but you will need to grind the poppy seeds and I found an easy way to do that.I bought a spice & nut grinder (Cuisinart) and it grinds the poppy seeds and the almonds.Until I discovered the grinder,the only way to grind the seeds was to use an old fashioned meat grinder that you clamp to the counter and crank with your hand.I tried a food processor and a blender but neither one did the job.但是用香料研磨机很容易。

The 徳赢彩票游戏bread is sweet and the filling is to die for!After baking,you can drizzle the loaf with a glaze or another option is to brush it before baking with either melted butter or with an eggwash and sprinkle with poppy seeds.My recipe requires only one rise and if your filling seeps out a little when it's done,发生很多所以不要担心它。它还是很好吃的。My how-to video for this awesome 徳赢彩票游戏bread will be up next week.点击这里为了食谱。–Jenny Jones


Beet & Cabbage Borscht


我非常喜欢我的甜菜和卷心菜罗宋汤。It has a complex flavor but is really easy to make.You basically put all the ingredients in a pot and cook.It's the best soup I know to restore electrolytes and boost your immune system.

每次我做这个汤,I devour it in no time.I think your body knows when it's getting something super healthy and yesterday I had two big bowls of it for dinner – nothing else.我们波兰人通常会在罗宋汤里加一点酸奶油。My dad had his own way of eating it.Instead of adding diced potatoes to the soup,he would make a side of mashed potatoes and put some potatoes in his spoon,then dip it in the soup so every bite had mashed potatoes and delicious borscht.Yummm.

甜菜本身就是抗衰老的动力。They are said to stabilize blood sugar & cholesterol,支持肝和尿路,帮助对抗心脏病和癌症。丰富的其他蔬菜可以保护前列腺,lung and other cancers,heart disease,黄斑变性和记忆丧失。

Winter's coming and that's soup season.在第二个寒冷的夜晚尝试我的甜菜和卷心菜罗宋汤,但是不要在做的时候穿白色的。Beets turn everything red.甚至…嗯…第二天早上你会看到的。点击这里为了食谱。–Jenny Jones


Try my Easy Potato Pancakes

PotatoPancakes_600我爸爸以前做过最好的土豆煎饼,但我的食谱有一个他从来不知道的秘密——那就是你怎么把土豆排干。Also,his method took some work but that was before food processors were invented.I used to help him grate the potatoes on a box grater but now,多亏了我的食品加工机,I have an easy way to make fantastic Polish placki kartoflane and mine are healthy,never greasy,超级容易。如果你没有食品加工机,you can prep the potatoes old school style,grating by hand,and you'll still get the best potato pancakes ever.

我已经放弃在熟食店点这些了,因为它们实际上是油炸的!Mine use very little oil because you don't need it.To me,they're best with a little (reduced fat) sour cream,and when you have leftovers,把它们留作早餐。My mother used to slice up the  leftovers and cook them into scrambled eggs for an awesome breakfast,这就是我现在要吃的!!点击这里为了食谱。- Jenny Jones

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