Feb 24,2013



If you're looking forhealthy foods and meals,learn to love beets,and here's why…


2. Brain booster.

3.Less wrinkles.

4.Fight bronchitis.


6. Reduce cholesterol & triglycerides.

7. Guard again colon cancer.

8.Prevent cataracts.

9.High in folic acid (anyone pregnant?)


Besides my awesome borscht recipe that's coming soon,beets are really good roasted in the oven and here's an easy recipe: Scrub clean,擦干并用油擦。Wrap in foil,放置在托盘上。Roast at 400 degrees for 35 minutes to an hour depending on size.Yesterday my oven was busy so I put on some latex gloves,peeled and cut the (uncooked,raw) beets into chunks.Then I steamed them for about 25 minutes and we ate them plain.They don't need anything added at all because they are so sweet.You can't beat beets!!!

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    beets are so good!if you haven't tried them please do!!

  2. 凯茜

    I am confused,you bake them,然后剥皮煮沸?Or you can bake them OR peel and boil??

    As you know I am not good at this kinda stuff!!!


    BTW just got home from Walgreens and of course I looked for you….in Cape Coral!!Lol

    • 珍妮

      I was confused too after I read my post.Duh!So I clarified it to say you scrub uncooked,raw beets.Thanks,Detective K.B.!!

      • Rhonda

        lol 😆 now K is a detective.真滑稽!Btw Jenny,I knew what you were saying,but K it's funny you pointed it out…lol…so maybe you know more than you think you know about cooking 😉 🙂

        I will laugh so hard one day when you 2 cross paths at a Walgreens.It could happen you just never know 😀

  3. Rhonda

    Jenny,I made your beet recipe from your first book and it was so delicious.我不知道甜菜是如此健康。我从小就有甜菜。Didn't have them as much as I should have but my Mom keep them in a pickled jar for beans and greens.I have some pickled in the frig now for when I have beans.Here in the south we grew up and learned to eat raw onion,banana peppers pickled and yes even pickled beets and with beans they are so yummy.I will have to roast the beets to have them more often because of the health benefits…

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