Sep 9,2013

Frozen Dumplings

Johnny asks… I have a question about making homemade frozen dumplings.Every Time I boil them in water and take them out they taste a bit wet,heh.I want to know how to make them properly,so they can taste more meaty and less wet.Kinda like the restaurant version.Also what brand are good and meaty?God Bless. Take care. Bye 🙂

My Response…

At first I thought you made your own dumplings and froze them but it looks like you are buying them frozen and when you boil them,they are kind of soggy.I can tell you that making your own gnocchi with my recipe will give you a fantastic,meaty dumpling but if you're buying them frozen,be careful not to overcook them. I have never used store-bought but I do freeze my own so when you put them in boiling water,don't let the water stop boiling or they will get mushy.I usually turn up the heat at the same time to keep the water boiling,and stir them right away so they don't stick.Then I turn the heat down to a nice gentle boil until they rise to the top.You could also try removing them from the water as soon as they rise to the top.–珍妮·琼斯

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