Oct 15,2018

I Made Apple Pie

Easy Apple Pie Oil Crust

Autumn is here and that means it's apple pie time.I always make it with an oil crust because if nothing else,it's just easier.你可以把它拍进锅里,但我发现在蜡纸之间滚动是最好的使用油皮的方法,especially for the top.My apples of choice are granny smith 🍏 and my thickener of choice is tapioca but flour works too.

自制苹果派是与众不同。昨晚我们在一个社交聚会上,当甜点开始时,I told some friends I had just made an apple pie and it was cooling on the counter at home.If they wanted to,we could skip the prepared desserts and go to my house for apple pie."Homemade apple pie?走吧!""

这就是自制苹果派的力量。My husband's two favorite desserts are my Fresh Strawberry Cake and Homemade Apple Pie.Nothing compares.I love this delicious pie and I must admit I like the power.I think I hear him in the garage right now cleaning things up.😍点击这里为了食谱。–Jenny Jones

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  1. Christine

    嗨,来自圣地亚哥的珍妮!Finding your website and 徳赢vwin足球videos has literally changed the food life of our little family in the most delicious ways!I simply wanted to say a sincere thank you.Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents and the most incredible 徳赢真人娱乐recipes and photos.Thank you for being genuine and kind and funny.Thank you for showing that it is possible to age gracefully and beautifully.I come to your site and 徳赢vwin足球videos daily now to visit a"friend"and share a cuppa whilst I find something enchanting to bake or cook for the day.Blessings to you Jenny!Your light shines bright!!

  2. Sue McCarthy

    Jenny Congratulations on you and Denis getting married!!❤❤ speaking of strawberry cake,have you ever tried making this amazing cake into cupcakes?Our family is way too big for one cake and they all LOVE this recipe.So I was wondering if I made cupcakes and waited for them to cool off of course 🙄😉 chopped up strawberry filling and put In Turkey baster and filll cupcakes with filling then iced with heavy whipped cream topping with a sliced strawberry on top do you think it will work???I thought 24 cupcakes would be better then 8 or 10 slices of cake for my family.Do you advise or not?Thanks in advance!!!

  3. Gloria Cabeen

    Greeting from CT,珍妮!The apple pie recipe sounds so good.I want to thank you for encouraging us to cook and bake accurately.Aerating the flour,用正确的勺子和杯子测量,适当的调平。I have to tell you that I'm sometimes appalled by some other cooking 徳赢vwin足球videos where people are measuring somewhat carelessly – either not quite filling the cup or spoon,or heaping it up or scooping flour right out of the bag and leveling it with a finger (a pet peeve).我甚至看到一个人从罐头里把发酵粉摇到一碗面粉里。What!?When I was teaching my boys to cook,我总是让他们在柜台或水槽上测量配料,NOT over the bowl with other ingredients,以防溢出或倾泻过多,破坏你已经做的。Here's to delicious – and careful – cooking and baking!!

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