Jun 27,2014

Lemon Meringue Pie


Here is my summer gift to all the bakers.我的柠檬蛋白酥皮派会永远宠坏你,因为没有什么能比得上自制的柠檬蛋白酥皮派。And when it's healthier and easier than all the other pies,it's a true gem.This lemon meringue pie is healthier because the crust is made with extra light olive oil,no butter or shortening,and it's easier because you can make the whole thing,from scratch,in an hour.That includes the easiest crust ever,from scratch,and a foolproof luscious lemon curd that will never fail you.

I make all my pies with an oil crust to avoid saturated fat and they are so much easier (and healthier) than the butter or shortening kind.Oil crusts can be patted into a pie pan or rolled between wax paper and simply placed into the pan.The beauty is that if there's a crack or opening in the crust,you can just grab some dough from somewhere else and patch it.I love that.我用超轻橄榄油做我的,但你可以用菜籽油或任何你选择的植物油。

As for the lemons,it helps to have a juicer but you do have to make fresh lemon juice.And don't even talk to me about bottled juice!所以现在你有了一个更健康的,easier way to make one of the great American classic summer desserts,柠檬蛋白酥皮派。点击这里为了食谱。–Jenny Jones

7 Comments on"Lemon Meringue Pie""

  1. Chris

    Mmmm soo good!Luv this pie… thanx jenny 😃😃

  2. catherine

    Hi Jenny,I just finished making your lemon meringue pie and I was wondering how long I should let it sit before cutting into it?Can't wait to have a taste!!Thanks for the recipe.

    • 珍妮

      It has to be completely cooled.

  3. CindyM.

    Sorry Jenny but the foolproof meringue I have found is Italian meringue!!It will not weep,it tastes amazing,but it is a little more work.

  4. 达西

    Hi Jenny
    Please forget my earlier question know the pie is completely cold it as set perfectly..

    Found the perfect recipe.

    Big fat thank you.

  5. 达西

    Hi Jenny
    在过去的5个星期里,我用了5种不同的蛋白酥皮食谱,都是用蒸牛奶做的。徳赢真人娱乐Today I found yours and have just made my 6 meringue.By far the tastiest of them all and the filling was so easy to do and so much tastier than with the evaporated milk.

    The only problems I have is why the topping is not attached to the filling,也有少量液体开始出现。

    Followed the instructions to the letter.


    • 珍妮

      That is probably because the filling was not hot enough.Make sure the filling is very hot when you top it with meringue and be sure to seal it all the way to the edges.It could also be that the sugar is not completely dissolved in the meringue so add the sugar very slowly and beat it really well – a good 5 minutes.Good luck next time!!

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