My homemade pizza!!

I've finally made a video of my recipe for homemade pizza!它的外壳很脆很薄,the kind you can pick up and eat – no fork,no plate – and lots of pepperoni.  I use a special pan for a crispy crust and wait ‘til you see my trick for prepping pepperonis (say that 3 times).

这是一个你可以不经思考就吃的比萨饼,“天啊,我只吃了半个披萨就要下地狱了。”More like,“真的,I didn't know healthy pizza could be this good!““Click here 用于视频。

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  1. Old Bob

    好,我们的孩子,他们的孩子和朋友都非常喜欢你的披萨,所以我们去看他们的时候,我不得不带着我的铸铁平底锅。They all think cast iron cooking is an art,用所有的调料和铸铁护理。I doubt any of them will be buying any cast iron,至少只要爷爷会做比萨饼。I love being the star chef and it is so,很容易。

    在过去的一年里,我做了很多实验。I switched to the hot water version exclusively.工作也很好,你很快就能做出一个披萨。我从来没有实验失败过。我用不同大小的平底锅,从9英寸到11.5英寸,我用不同数量的面团,depending on what I'm looking for,thick or thin or more like deep dish.一个人认为会工作的东西是有用的。我开始做佛卡西亚面包,配意大利面食或者蘸橄榄油,徳赢彩票游戏各种香醋和新鲜胡椒粉。同样的面团,只是没有浇头。好吃。My next experiment is using my outdoor kitchen devices.More about that later.因为计划突然改变,我不得不把两批面团冷藏一整夜。Perfect.

    Question;Have you tried freezing the dough??

  2. sue

    We will have to try your pizza,但是上周六我做了你的鸡肉和芦笋晚餐,哇!!!我的麦克回去三分之一。He kept on saying this stuff is awesome!当我们在我父母家吃饭时,我父亲总是被他踢得一塌糊涂。我爸爸总是说:“电椅怎么走??“He has an awesome appetite when it's good!我妈妈经常奉承你,我想我会和你分享这道菜。这个星期天我们要尝尝你的薄煎饼。


  3. MrsNews

    你会发现这很难相信,但我不是一个家庭女神…我知道惊喜…惊喜。But I have been watching 2 of your cooking 徳赢vwin足球videos and I just loved them!我喜欢看你做饭。我,watching Jenny Jones in her kitchen…wow.You are such a neat lady!We could have so much fun…I could sit on a stool and watch you!!哈哈,我得说我想把你的袖子撑起来……你知道,我的妈妈!!看起来你所有的烹饪视频都穿着长袖。徳赢vwin足球I will admit that you made that pizza look yummy but I don't like pepperoni…can you do it with sausage?我想我可能会坚持外卖。I love the idea a watching you cook….what a concept.有没有DVD可以让你找到真正和你一起做饭的人??多酷啊!!You are a doll!I am going to watch all of them…not tonight…but all of them.


    我想知道是否有一天你会看到我发的帖子说我真的做了什么!Now that would be a sight to behold.



    • 朗达

      AWW你可以说最甜蜜的话,凯茜。You've touched me again 🙂
      Jenny and her cooking 徳赢vwin足球videos remind me of Rachel Ray and her 30 minute meals without commercials 🙂
      我不擅长烹饪。我可以做些东西,但有些事情我有问题,比如蛋糕上的糖霜……哈哈……看到了吗?We do make mistakes and with me I just keep working at it until it's right…
      I have faith in you Kathy to just give it a try with this pizza or any other recipe Jenny has.You might surprise yourself and find that you enjoy cooking like Jenny does 🙂
      If you have Jenny's book,如果你能做得比我做的更好,甘薯巧克力蛋糕真的很容易。现在我知道我在冰上做错了什么,thanks to Jenny 🙂

  4. 朗达

    天啊,Jenny!我得做这个披萨。It seems simple enough 🙂
    我同意一些比萨饼可能真的很乱。把意大利香肠放在两个盘子之间是个好主意。谢谢你的花招,因为我以前试过做比萨饼,而且面包皮还可以,但不像我刚从你的视频中听到的声音那么脆。I like the crunch of a pizza.What's a pizza without the crunch?Your crust sounds really appetizing 🙂
    If I can make the meatloaf exactly like yours.I can make your pizza 🙂
    还有一件事,have you ever tried tossing pizza dough?Just wondering…
    Oh and Jenny terrific video.我爱它!干得好,和我们分享…
    2 thumbs up and an A+ 🙂

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