May 8,2014

Vegetable Lo Mein


Chinese food is easy to make at home.And it's quick.You put the sauce together first,then stir fry your food in a hot pan,add your sauce and it's chow time!Or is it chow mein time?I love this dish so much,especially because with lo mein,there's no rice to serve separately.It's noodles mixed in with the vegetables.Quick and easy one-dish meals are the best – everything in one pan. I use chow mein noodles but if you can't find them,you can use spaghetti (but it won't look as pretty and wavy).They always have these noodles at my grocery store:


Lo mein is great to make when you have some leftover pieces of chicken or shrimp,which you can stir into this dish.Edamame is another way to up the protein a little but I usually serve this just this way — with lots of antioxidant-rich vegetables.I've been to lots of Chinese restaurants but I have never had lo mein this good.For my easy Vegetable Lo Mein recipe,,click here.–珍妮·琼斯

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  1. Jack

    Great 徳赢真人娱乐recipes easy to follow I want to marry you but my wife won't let me lol

  2. Paulina

    So happy I found your website,徳赢真人娱乐recipes are healthy and delicious.Thank you.

  3. Gerri

    It Looks delicious – can't wait to try it.

  4. Emms

    It looks delicious,can not wait to try it tomorrow.Thank you

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