You don't have to be Polish to love this ultimate comfort food.I grew up making potato-cheese pierogi with my dad and we always had them with bacon bits and sour cream (but now it's just reduced fat sour cream – no bacon).Serve them boiled,or boil and brown in olive oil.为了节省时间,你可以提前填表。-Jenny Jones

准备时间:1 hour,30分钟

Cook Time:30分钟

总时间:2 hours

Makes:24 - 30



  • 1 1/2磅土豆(2个大俄罗斯方块)
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 1/2 cup finely diced onion
  • 一小瓣大蒜,crushed
  • 3 ounces reduced fat cream cheese (1/3 cup)
  • 1/2茶匙盐
  • pepper to taste
  • Dough:
  • 2 1/2杯通用面粉
  • 1/2茶匙盐
  • 1/4 cup reduced fat sour cream
  • 1 egg
  • 2/3 cup water


  1. 去皮,quartered potatoes in a pot of cold salted water.烧开煮至嫩。
  2. Meantime,中低档油炒洋葱和大蒜10分钟。
  3. Drain and mash the potatoes,adding onion & garlic,cream cheese,salt & pepper.Set aside to cool.如果需要,可以做成1汤匙大小的土堆。
  4. Dough:
  5. 把面粉和盐混合在碗里。Make a well and add sour cream,鸡蛋和水,combining with a spoon.
  6. 放在一块铺好面粉的木板上,揉50圈(必要时用刮刀),直到光滑。Cover with a towel or inverted bowl & let rest at least 10 minutes.
  7. 把面团分成三份。Keeping extra dough covered,roll each section 1/8"thick,根据需要添加面粉。Cut 3-inch circles,saving leftover scraps of dough.
  8. Fill each circle with about one tablespoon of potatoes,fold into a half circle,捏紧边缘。Place apart on a towel sprinkled with flour.
  9. Place pierogis in boiling salted water,stirring at first to keep them separated,然后煮3分钟直到它们升到顶端,then another 30 seconds to a minute.移到涂油的烤盘上。

注:冻结,boil pierogi first and place in a lightly oiled freezer bag,spreading them out so they don't touch.服侍,thaw overnight in the refrigerator.The next day,lightly brown pierogi in a pan on the stove in a little oil or butter.


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  1. Nora


    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes.That is indicated twice in the recipe.

  2. Duane Luzejko

    my Grandmother would always use different fillings in her Perogies ..while the potato filling was her stand by she would also fill them with things like Sauerkraut,梅干,我最喜欢的是杏子。(the fruit ones actually being whole chunks of the fruit ) unfortunately being a kid I never learned how she made those fillings..我只记得吃了它们…好吃!!!

    • 德比

      我的祖母,mom,姑姑们也把里科塔奶酪的所有东西都装满了他们的腓肠肌,加上温暖的浆果或土豆,cheese,还有炒洋葱,or ground beef.I still make them.有时候,对于一道更精致的菜,I'll use wonton wraps.

  3. 戴安娜

    can you make the dough and fillings the day before if making large number of pierogies,我记得我妈妈那样做,但不知道过夜要去商店

  4. Dani Bryndza

    I was caught off guard by the 1 1/2lbs of potatos this recipe called for until I saw the yield.I don't think I have ever in my life made less than 12 dozen at a time.明天我要试试你的菜谱,因为我找不到我奶奶的菜谱!!

  5. Veev

    OMG!OMG!Your site is absolutely incredible.
    I have been searching for a recipe for 徳赢彩票游戏bread with a crunchy crust for YEARS
    Your site not only made it happen but made it easy at the same time.
    I also tried your recipe for granola and 徳赢彩票游戏bread buns and all were amazing!!
    Thanks Jenny!!

  6. Dee

    前几天就做了这些,结果非常棒!就像家里做的一样,我会在当地的街角商店买(但便宜)。The only thing different was I used cheddar cheese.谢谢詹妮-因为你的一步一步的视频,我可以使这些没有问题!!

  7. Keith

    Absolutely the best Pierogi dough I have ever made.It is so much easier to roll thin (due to the Sour Cream) than any other recipe I have tried.I use a Honki Bill Perogie maker to make 18 at a time & make two batches.我用一个切角的拉链袋把填充物用管子塞进里面。Wet the edges and seal.Baking your No-Knead Dutch Oven 徳赢彩票游戏bread recipe tomorrow morning.

  8. Belle

    在两周内吃了4顿失败的晚餐后,My poor husband said nothing and just ate it.I felt awful so I prayed the next meal was good.我知道他童年的最爱之一是皮耶罗基,so I started making these as soon as he went to work in hopes I can at least make a plate full of decent looking ones.I used sharp cheddar (his fav).我等不及他回家给他看这些。He was so excited but I can see it in his eyes,a glimpse of worry.As I'm preparing his plate,我转过身来,他以如此甜美的微笑看着我。Before he took his first bite,he thanked me for making them.I guess he thought it took all day to make lol.It didn't.He absolutely loved it and even asked for more.Thank you so much Ms.Jones..You may have saved my marriage lol.

  9. ercillor

    I have found you to be an excellent teacher and,after reading your replies to some of these comments,一个非常耐心的人。
    Please keep up the good work.

  10. 梅里亚

    These are beauuuuutiful!I made them for my birthday for my family (I'm a little backward,我喜欢在我生日的时候为家人做饭,哈哈),这些绝对是完美的!!

    To top them off I added in a nice sage butter sauce and topped with a small dollop of sour cream and bacon pieces and chives.绝对是熟食!!

  11. 梅米

    从来没有用过鸡蛋做面团。我的波兰背景是面粉,salt and sour cream.
    Potatoes have shredded white or yellow sharp cheddar cheese then mashed.洋葱可以用,但要干燥,以免造成面团破裂。面粉,roll cut fill.Perogi slowly droppef into light rolling boiling water wait for them to float…serve with butter or sauerkraut.好吃

  12. Atsuko Lachance

    Hi Jenny,,

    This is a wonderful recipe!感谢您与我们分享。I like your video too.You are so generous and happy person .

    再次感谢。You made my day 😍

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  14. Barb

    Do you have a recipe for dessert pierogi,不是修剪。例如草莓,cherries and apricots.

    • Deborah B

      We always had a filling of cottage cheese (or similar),炖去核李子(或其他水果)eggs,salt and sugar.The recipe was in Mom's head and we thought she would live forever.I plan to experiment until I get it.

  15. Jenni (mom2two)

    My gramma made them,hundreds at a time!Literally threw some flour,some water an egg (maybe two) on the counter and used a water glass as a circle cutter!我只是看着她像个小女孩,不是作为一个能专心思考的成年人。She's been gone for 11 years now and I think I'm ready to give your recipe a try!Not a potato filling fan….sauerkraut is what she made and I grew up with!这里什么都没有,也许会把它们传给下一代!My kids have never had them!!

  16. 丽莎科特克

    Watching your 徳赢vwin足球videos always makes me smile!You are a wonderful teacher and your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes are simple and delicious.我的波兰母亲不知道怎么做饭,but because of you I am able to teach my little granddaughter how to enjoy her heritage by learning to make Polish food.谢谢您!!

  17. Eddie Kay

    Jenny!我想做这个食谱已经有一段时间了,终于有时间做了。So delicious and fun to make.感谢您分享您的食谱。

    啤酒和皮耶罗!Perfect weekend.

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    谢谢你的波兰Pierogies食谱,sound delicious,迫不及待想试试。

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    So delicious.Best pierogi recipe out there

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    珍:你真是太高兴了!喜欢你的食谱和简单!Going to make these this weekend.我喜欢旧世界的食谱和它们的美味。徳赢真人娱乐



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      这个食谱太棒了。Never buy store bought again👍

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    • Jenny Can Cook

      I have only made it with the egg so I don't know.我建议你看看其他的食谱。徳赢真人娱乐

    • zosia

      YES u can omit egg-tradionally in Poland-no egg is used but they do use buttermilk n or sour cream to lighten dough(flour) i do like 1 egg or yolk also sour cream/buttermilk…rest dough 20 min tho i make dayahead rest in frig o/n whatever ur choice make & enjoy!!

    • Diana

      许多健康食品店都有一种对鸡蛋过敏的人安全的鸡蛋粉替代品。You stir the powder into lukewarm water and let it sit for a minute or so and it substitutes well in 徳赢真人娱乐recipes calling for egg.

  22. Joanne

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    I like this page.It was very helpful.
    Good job!:)

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  27. bigbadbabs

    Our mother always used farmers cheese and chives.Could you tell me how to use such a dry cheese and not have too dry a filling?What would I add??

    • 珍妮

      Sorry but I only make my 徳赢真人娱乐recipes that way I make them so I can't help with this.You could try looking at other 徳赢真人娱乐recipes as I'm sure some of them use farmer's cheese.Good luck.

    • Dawn Syring

      我做的是干凝乳干酪和切碎的洋葱混合,one egg yolk,还有盐和胡椒粉

    • 洛林·施瓦茨

      I make farmers cheese add 1 egg some sugar and because the cheese is a little pricey to make it go further I add mashed potatoes.Ratio 2 to 1.因为我赚了很多。For example 1lb cheese 1/2 lb mashed potatoes with nothing added.那些是奶酪皮耶罗。

      • 基姆

        Wgat is farmers cheese?它和干酪一样吗??

        • Jenny Can Cook

          如果你是谷歌What is farmer's cheese"you will get more information than I would be able to provide.

    • 安尼娅

      Farmers cheese is great to use because it is a dry cheese and does not increase the chances of your pierogi's coming open as a wet mixture would.用2-3个包裹和鸡蛋把混合物和一些糖放在一起,以满足你的口味偏好。Make certain you combine all ingredients well and then fill as you would with the potato mixture.

  28. Bobboynton fl

    Wonderful recipe this is second time making.Reminds me of Polish cooking of my Grandmother.
    希望我爸爸能和我一起享受这些。Everytime I eat them remind me of him.
    Great 徳赢真人娱乐recipes very simple to make.

  29. Bobbi

    Your excellent video gave me the courage to try to make homemade pierogi for the first time.非常感谢……they came out great.My husband is raving about them.I may be brave enough to make these for my husband's family traditional Polish Catholic Christmas Eve dinner — they are all 100% Polish ancestry.我是路德教挪威/德国背景的象征性人物,喜欢波兰食物。

  30. Mike

    Quick question,Jen.
    Do I leave the egg whole or slightly scrambled when adding to the flour??

  31. 佛罗里达州奶奶

    I made some perogis yesterday – they looked great but after cooking the dough was like rubber.I followed the recipe to a"t".Let the dough rest an hour,and rolled it out as to 1/8".请告诉我我可能做错了什么。
    谢谢你的帮助。A sad Polish Florida Granny.

    • 珍妮

      Based on your other comment,it looks like you used a KitchenAid pasta attachment to roll the dough.我想如果你按照食谱做,你会很满意的。My dough only rests for 10 minutes and I roll the dough by hand.I hope that helps.

  32. 马丁

    Will try these definately…looks soooo yummy…we love pergiogies

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    PS: LOVED YOUR SHOW& u as well on tv but LOVE UR SITE & recipe even more!!will look for your other Polish 徳赢真人娱乐recipes cuz u do it so ez GOD bless you

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    • zosia

      oh was good too but then i went back to: i dont do"fat free"anything if i truly want authentic BUT I LOVE UR SITE SET UP wish others would make getting 徳赢真人娱乐recipes that ez as u did

  35. Mander

    WOOHOO!Just made tonight to surprise the hubby.他以前就做过,但情况不太好。He passed the baton to me after tasting these!Shared pics to our friend from Poland and he's ready for a visit!!

  36. T NEPA

    我刚做了这些皮孔。They were delicious.我现在非常尊敬所有波兰老太太,她们在我年轻的时候为当地的教堂做了这些东西。These pani's worked their dupes off.I loved them but they are too much work for this old guy.I had trouble with the dough but that was probably on me.我会说他们有多好,you cannot get anything close to this in the supermarket or even most restaurants unless you go to an ethnic little Neighborhood Place.The only thing I had close to this recently was from a Ukrainian Church near where my daughter lives.尝尝,它们很好吃。

  37. T NEPA

    Has anyone tried frying up the leftover filling into a potato cake.

  38. Bo

    Do you have nutritional info for pierogies?Calories?Carbs?脂肪?Weight Watcher points?Etc.

    • 珍妮


    • 莎拉乔

      Pierogis don't have calories!他们真是太好了

    • zosia

      做吃皮耶罗吉不是计算卡尔等的时间,只是享受!but eat fewer (if u can).n this recipe already has cut cal n tastes grt doing it

  39. Keith

    为了密封边缘,我湿了,my finger,a bit further than half way around the edge with water,then seal.Looking forward to trying your dough,as the dough I make is very hard to roll out thin.我有一个一次能赚18英镑的人。I usually make 36 and freeze 3/4 of them.我们还使用了许多不同的填料,包括泡菜,平房奶酪马铃薯,pepperoni.

    • zosia

      where can i get that 18 maker?建议:在面团中加入少量的酪乳或酸乳,N将产生GRT。

    • 琳达

      Keith,please tell me how you make your sauerkraut filling.我岳母做的,我找不到那种馅料的配方

  40. 塞盖

    可以用面食机把面团擀出来吗?你可能已经回答了这个问题,但是有很多评论要通读?Also thank you for the video and all the tips,I love it

    • 佛罗里达州奶奶

      I do have the KA mixer pasta attachment.把面团擀到5点,我的面团像橡皮一样。我做错什么了。

  41. Ela from Ohio

    Jenny,looks wonderful,但我需要知道2.5杯面粉里有多少克。我想大概300克吧??

    You could have 2.5 light cups or heavy cups.I pound my flour down and that is why I prefer flour in grams,not cups.

    Please,please weigh your flour and let me know.

    I also put Baltic Farmer Cheese from Michigan in my pierogi,but I always have a problem with my dough.

    Dziekuje bardzo!!

    • 珍妮


      • Miss

        I love ur perogis they r amaizing they ust as i have planed keep that fab.job good job 100%🖒🍖🍗😍❤💘💖💗

  42. 菲利斯史密斯

    First time I ate this was in Abu Dhabi in the UAE!We were posted there in '75 and my Canadian girl friend made this once a month.Your recipe is exactly the same as hers.I miss this so much,esp with s little ketchup!!😋

    • zosia

      "to each his own"但是番茄酱呢?yuk try sautéed carmelized onions & sourcream best way to eat em

  43. tucsonjon

    Hi.当你把大蒜变成褐色的时候。Doesn't it get bitter??

  44. 简·史密斯

    Weren't you a talk show host on TV at one time?Jan

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    天啊,詹妮,这些太棒了,你的食谱很简单,easy and the flavors were over-the-top!Like yourself,我忍不住吃了不止一个,then put the remaining ones in a bag for later.This morning,I fried them in butter for breakfast!谢谢您,I'm watching for more wonderful Polish 徳赢真人娱乐recipes from you!!

    • Miss

      Yea u rigth that wz amaizing keep the good work janny 💖🍠🍖🍗🍔

  46. Bozena Godzwon

    You can make pierogi with different cheeses and potatoes,but I always use dry cottage cheese and that how my family like it and best warm up on frying pan.For the dough I use only egg yolk and it's not tough at all.Hello fromAlberta.

    • 凯西史密斯

      我是威斯康星州密尔沃基的波兰语。We live just outside Wash D.C.Have never been able to find dry cottage cheese outside of Wisconsin.I've asked & no one knows what it is — not even farmers cheese.My family only had cheese pierogis…browned in butter then sprinkled w/sugar.你能帮我找到这个奶酪吗?我可能会在线订购。I no longer have family in WI,so no one to ask.您愿意分享您使用的品牌或公司名称吗?You have no idea how much this would mean to me.I'll be 70 yrs old @ end of May.I still stand a chance of passing this recipe down to my grown daughters.对他们来说,这是一种特殊的待遇,因为我通常会在回家的时候带上几十个,让他们尽可能的长久。Even with"冷冻烧伤,他们从不浪费。I can get any other kind of pierogi in super markets but NEVER just cheese pierogi.I would appreciate any info you or other readers can provide.I'm terrible at searching on the internet–too old.That's why I came to you.Thank you sooo much!!
      (P.S.)My maiden name was"斯齐吉尔斯基但我只知道怎么诅咒the native tongue".)

      • 珍妮

        我用来做奶酪薄饼的农夫奶酪是”友谊brand.My grocery store in Los Angeles sometimes has it but it is hard to find.Here's a link to their website: you click the"Find Us"link at the top they show a list of stores that sell their products and they also have a number to contact them: 800-854-3243.我希望这有帮助。

      • Annette

        友谊是好的。Another dry farmer cheese is made in Fountain Michigan called Andrulis Farmer cheese and is found in Walmart and Meijer in West Michigan.

      • Dolores Cox

        Go online:

        安德鲁斯农民奶酪,你可以向他们订货。Also listed is their phone # 231-462-3301

        I ordered from them and was satisfied,just be careful as to the lbs you want as it was expensive as I ordered the incorrect amount that I needed.Hope this helps.

        • zosia

          thank u for that info!!!living outside of Buffalo im fortunate to get farmers cheese but its gettting harder & i hate long drive into city so now i'll order for Christmas thx

      • jouet

        For dry cottage cheese you buy regular cottage cheese,把它放在一块可卡因厨房毛巾里,放在碗上的过滤器里,排出液体部分。It takes an hour or two,depending how much of it you are draining.

        • zosia

          GREAT IDEA & it works i drain it over night it works in a pinch

      • Christine

        如果你碰巧住在加拿大,MC Dairy produce dry/pressed cottage cheese.
        They are located in Etobicoke Ontario,它是多伦多的郊区,however,their products are available all over Canada in many grocery stores and European delis and even in Walmart.I don't know if their products are available in the USA.

        • 珍妮

          Thank you for sharing this information.(我在伦敦长大,Ontario)

  47. Karen B

    我第一次做这些。I did the onions and garlic but I added flavored cream cheese.It was the one with chives.我是第二代,polish and first gen.Czechoslovakian.If I can figure out how to send you a picture I will.皮耶罗吉人变得很美。I took pictures of them on my counter,they were so pretty and they taste like home to me.为什么或为什么要花30年才能做到这一点???

  48. Kathie B.

    Made these today,and they were perfect!!First time I've made homemade pierogies and can tell you this will be my go-to recipe.我唯一做的不同之处是在馅料中加入1/4杯的切达干酪,然后再加入一点牛奶,以免太浓。Thanks so much for sharing this recipe😃

    • zosia

      TRY adding BUTTERMILK low cal healthy & when i took trip to Poland all the fine cooks/relative USE BUTTERMILK in everything (their desserts cakes were out of this world moist delicious!!!

  49. 琳恩

    杰出的。Dough was so easy to work with.I sautéed them in evoo and butter with onion and garlic and served with a plain yogurt herb sauce.谢谢你

  50. Scooter

    We used to only get pierogies once a year when we would drive 9 hours to visit grandma.我们有一个8口之家,数着爸爸妈妈(6个男孩,2个女孩)。She would spend all day in the kitchen making about 120 of them.She would boil them then toss them in butter and serve with sour cream.我们会在一个环境中吃掉几乎所有的食物。Nothing was served at dinner except the pierogies.I never learned to make them because my mom never learned how to make the dough so they would stay sealed shut when boiled.Made yours tonight and not one popped open.桑克斯这些都很棒。

  51. Brett


    • Larry

      Why?面团很容易,as Jenny said,只需揉50圈。Allow the dough to rest for 20-30 minutes while you prepare
      the filling,and it is perfect!If anything,you could do the dough in a food
      knead into a ball (about 3-4 turns) and then allow it to rest.A stand mixer

    • zosia

      当然可以:因为我现在做了很多,我加了一点酪乳来减轻面团的重量,休息的面团(面筋)很重要!i even mix whip pota in it w sautéed onions n ched cheese then frying i put pinch of sugar to melt in my half xvoo&butter my mouth is watering will make tomorrow

  52. Natalie from Pittsburgh

    So far I have tried many of your dough 徳赢真人娱乐recipes.爱他们所有人。我要把这些比罗吉做成1-1-17。I am sure they will be excellent!!!Who knew you could cook..Keep them coming!Love ya

  53. lulu

    Thanks for your great dough recipe.You saved Christmas for me.I made two types of pierogi and your dough recipe was great.新年快乐!!

  54. Nancy

    I have never attempted to make homemade pierogi but these look amazing so I'm definitely gonna try.Thanks for sharing.

  55. Walter&Frannie

    We folllowed the recipe exactly the way you made them.他们真是太棒了。
    I do not know how to spell thank you in polish.So here we go in English
    instructions that made it such a pleasure.

  56. 双亚胺磷脂酶10

    我每年圣诞节都做这些来做我们的晚餐。They taste amazing and recipe is super simple!Do you have a prune filling or saurkraut filling recipe??

    • Djdan48

      我倒了一袋泡菜,然后用滤器把它冲洗干净。把一个大洋葱切成丁。Add the onion and rinsed sauerkraut in a large frypan on medium heat,mix in olive oil to coat the mixture well.Cook until the onions are translucent.

      • Andy L

        Thanks!This is my family's Christmas Eve tradition and I'm not home to enjoy it!!

      • 凯莉

        Thank you.Ive been looking for a sauerkraut filling.

        • 塞西莉亚里克

          If you like mushrooms,炒洋葱时加入。一点大蒜和一点香菜种子也不会受伤。

  57. Mary


    • 珍妮

      All of my flour is all purpose unless otherwise stated.

  58. Nancy

    Jenny,I forgot to let you know how much I enjoy your web site!!
    Most websites,you need to go down a few pages before you can read the recipe.Like to read the ingredient list,then decide if I'm going to make and save recipe.对于伟大的网站,Thank You!!

  59. Nancy

    Dear Jenny,,
    Thank-you for all of your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes.I've made your white 徳赢彩票游戏bread and Multi-grain bread.现在到结尾处。
    My mother was Polish.她从来没有做过氧化物酶体,但我有一个儿时的朋友,她妈妈经常像你说的那样做报告,在桌上的面粉里做一口。Watching her mother,I now understand the work that goes into making perogies,and why my friends mom only gave me One perogie!They are a lot of work,with Love.The dish my mom use to make was stuffed cabbage an mashed potatoes with fried cubed salt pork mix in potatoes.好吃!!!!

  60. 底波拉

    Jenny..I am enjoying all your polish 徳赢真人娱乐recipes and saving them all.I can't wait to try the Chrusciki recipe.我一直很喜欢看你的脱口秀…现在我很喜欢你的烹饪视频。徳赢vwin足球Keep them coming!!

  61. Dustin

    在乌克兰家庭长大,both my grandmothers made these often but especially for the holidays and they were a must-have for Christmas Eve.I still make them from time to time.我的祖母会做的,and then freeze them to be boiled later.Then it's easy to boil them when you want them.

    When you make them,have several cookie sheets or shallow pans ready,lined with waxed paper.Line them up in rows (not touching) and then pop the whole sheets in the freezer uncovered.When they're frozen solid (about an hour),pop them into plastic bags and put them back in the freezer quickly.

    冷冻的需要更长的时间来烹饪,but this way you can do a whole bunch when you're in the mood and then have them on hand when you don't feel like cooking.

    I've very much enjoyed all your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes,Jenny – and I love your 徳赢vwin足球videos!Please keep them coming.

  62. Nara

    My kids love it!总是让我做这个。谢谢你,珍妮!!

  63. Sandra

    Looks delicious and so easy to make.I will be trying your recipe very soon.很高兴看到你做得很好。Still sweet as pie.祝你有美好的一天!!

  64. Marta August 2016

    dzień dobry!我刚看过你的食谱。Your video and explanations are the most clear,这些天来,我看到我正在寻找家里制作的Pierogi Recipies。My partner is from Poland I this year for the first time I wish and would love to prepare some Polish recipies because I consider that are fantastic.

    Thank so much for all the explanations¡¡

  65. 卡尔

    今天就做。这将是一年中的第三次。Recipe is almost as good as my mom's recipe.

  66. connie

    我做了Pierogi的然后冷冻了它们,then took they out of the freezer and they had turned black.出了什么问题

    • 珍妮

      Did you follow my recipe exactly??

      • connie

        Yes we made 560 dozen and 19 dozen had black spots what went wrong

        • 珍妮

          560 dozen is 6,720 pierogi.Maybe you mean you made 560 but that's still a lot so I don't know how you could follow any recipe with that much food.I've been making pierogi all my life and have never seen them turn black so I'm sorry I'm not able to help.The problem may have been improper wrapping for the freezer but you may have to do some internet searches for an explanation.

          • Bo Bochan

            My mom always made more than a 100 at a time.这些年的数字将是惊人的数字。她会把它们放在涂了油的蜡纸曲奇纸上冷冻。She would then put them in a plastic bag and freeze.They would stay great for at least 6 months.Maybe longer but the only reason I know they would be good for months because I found a package that was dated six months old and they were wonderful.Never a black one in all those years.Thank you for showing me a recipe that I can only make 30.对这位76岁的老人来说,这个食谱太简单了。Thank you so very much.

          • 玛丽

            I have been making and freezing uncooked pierogi for 45 yrs.从来没有变黑过。可能把它们放在冰箱里太久了。My recipe is very much like yours except I'm not so fat conscious.I use butter to sautéed the onion,面团里没有大蒜和美国奶酪(很多)和普通的酸奶油。我喜欢看你,因为我像你一样做饭。Thank you.我奶奶圆白菜用来制造填充,not sauerkraut and not sweet.Can you advise??

  67. J R

    Jenny,I made your wonderful Pirogi recipe for the first time… they turned out great,my Polish sister-in-law,儿媳印象深刻。especially since I am a full blooded Italian… I watched your tutorial and it was most helpful.Easy recipe to follow,and I love the healthier way.我要为我的家人做复活节礼物,already have some in freezer.我可以前天把它们煎一下,然后放进烤箱里加热吗??
    I am making them for 30 people,so if I can do this it will be most helpful

    谢谢你的好食谱,I would have never attempted them,until I saw your tutorial……Keep up the great work….

    • 珍妮

      I wish I could say for sure but I have never made that many.My instinct tells me that frying,chilling,and reheating in the oven may not give the best results but maybe you can research some information on this.

    • 玛丽简

      Sue B:


      Anyway,I have made large batches before for holidays.What I do is sauté them in butter and sweet onions in several batches,and then add them to a couple crock pots set on ‘warm' not ‘low'.It is enough to keep them warm without them cooking further.Melt a little butter first in them!享受吧!!!MJ

      • J R

        谢谢你Maryjane,Did you make fry them the day before?I have
        120做,and it would be great if I could do them the day before and just heat them.your crock pot suggestion is good.我可以把它们放在锅里加热吗??

    • 格林

      嗨,珍妮:我试过你的几种食谱,徳赢真人娱乐and they are amazing.Thank you so much for publishing them.

      你有没有一个牧羊人派的食谱?I sure hope so as the ones I have used turn out quite dry.

      Please,please,please,if you have a recipe for Shepherd's Pie,please do let me,and your faithful and grateful followers,have it.

      Thank you so much,,


      • 珍妮


      • Ele

        嗨,格林!best recipe for shepherds pie is from delia smith,second to that try nigella Lawson or Mary berry.

  68. Sue B

    I want to make pierogi a for Easter ahead of time.How can I reheat them on Easter?I am having a large family group over,I will not be able to cook them all on Easter.如果我提前一天把它们煎熟,我怎么能把它们全部重新加热呢?Thank you for your help.

    • 珍妮

      I wish I could tell you how but I'm not sure how I would do that.Pierogi不必油炸,所以如果你前一天把它们煮了,you could probably reheat them on a greased sheet in the oven.Otherwise,you might try researching some better information online.

    • 底波拉

      我已经把它们和洋葱一起在黄油里预先炒了,然后把它们放在托盘里,在烤箱里重新加热,直到热透。They aren't crunchy anymore,but the flavor is still there.它们还是很好吃的!!

    • 塞西莉亚里克

      I boil my pierogi first then fry them in butter.Let them cool.Refrigerate them and warm them covered in the oven,low temperature.Or,microwave them in small batches.

  69. EF

    Thank you for another gr8 recipe!!
    We really enjoy your website.

  70. 罗斯宾

    Hey Jenny,这是我第一次尝试烹饪和品尝波兰食品,gotta say my lovely i thoroughly enjoyed these dumplings.
    I will now experiment with the different fillings.
    Thanks from me and my family in the new forest.

  71. Jeannine

    珍妮…哇!伟大的食谱!First time for me and it went well.This dough was fool proof… used cheddar cheese instead cause I had no cream cheese.Worked just as good.我也在一半的食谱中加入了热的匈牙利辣椒粉。That was a hit too.Again thanks for the great recipe!I will use it every time!!

  72. 希卡鲁


    How much dose your measuring cup have for 1 cup??
    在日本,1 cup is equal to 200ml or 200cc

  73. Susan

    These look great,however I am looking for recipe for meat or fruit fillled pizzi -(not pizza.) Family has made plain boiled dough pizzI served with fresh ham gravy,(when broken apart very light like 徳赢彩票游戏bread roll.) A friend mentioned her family made them filled…Have you made these or know of recipe?谢谢你

    • 珍妮

      I'm sorry,I have no such recipe.

    • 凯伦·基耶克

      3 slices bacon diced
      1 onion diced
      Drain and squeeze the raw potatoes well combined with boiled ones,egg and salt.Form small balls.Roll each in flour.Drop the dumpling into a large kettles with boiling,salted water.Cover,烧开。Cook uncovered onhigh until they float.转移到温热的盘子里。Fry bacon with the onions intil golden.Pour over the dumplings and serve.Serves 4.
      Recipe from The Art Of Polish Cooking by Alina Zeranska page 343.

    • Annieb

      My mother in law used to make them with chop meat – 2 lbs.猪排肉和1磅。beef chop meat.She used 3 slices of stale white 徳赢彩票游戏bread mixed with enough milk to make the bread soft – add 3 eggs,然后是剁肉,盐,pepper,parsley chopped (about 1/4 of a bunch).She also added 2 diced onions sautéed to the mixture.然后,当然,you stuff them and boil them (a little longer than the potato mixture)………..My family can't get enough!!!!

  74. 劳拉W(奥吉维茨)泰勒

    Thank you for sharing your traditional Pierogi recipe.我从我奶奶那里学会了怎么做这些。She made all types including some with her homemade farmer's cheese,但我们所有的表亲都最喜欢吃水果,especially the blueberry!现在,在我的家庭里,在圣诞前夜(住在蒙大拿州,we use wild gathered Huckleberries).Then Christmas morning,we fry them up to eat while we open our stocking presents.I never got the mushroom filling recipe from Grandma because I could never remember which were the right mushrooms to pick and did not want to make a mistake!Jenny,keep cooking!!

  75. Diane Z

    I just bought your book.So far very impressed and glad I purchased it.I want to start eating healthier and lose about 30 lbs.前几天我买了一些衣服,不想试穿。When I got home due to gaining weight they didn't fit and I got a real side view of my body.吓到我了!!!大声笑

    我要尝尝你的皮耶罗吉食谱,希望它和我小时候奶奶做的差不多。我记得她从头开始做皮孔,my brother and sister couldn't wait for dinner.We used to sneak the pierogis out of the boling water when she wasn't looking,lol..(I'm sure she knew)..After she boiled them she would fry them up at dinner time.They were the best.She passed away many years ago and never left her recipe,她每做一次都不看食谱。

    Thanks for sharing and bringing back such wonderful memories…..The store bought are not the same as home made….

    • Gayla

      I grew up in SD and never had these.I moved to AZ much later and met the"阿姨们next door.They taught me and my kids to make these.没有菜谱,我忘了怎么做。But reading the recipe brought a lot back.Thank you so much for posting it.哦……杂货店的那些甚至都不近。

  76. Rick

    Hi ya Jenny I made these perogies twice now man they are very yummy and easy to make thank for the recipe is there away using sourkraut and send me a link in my email I just made some sourkraut this year would like to try in these perogies

    • 珍妮

      Sauerkraut makes a great filling for pierogi but make sure it's not too liquid or it could seep out when you boil them.I am working on a sauerkraut-mushroom filling,我很快就会寄出去。

      • Angeleone

        I love the sauerkraut pierogies,with just a hint of cooked bacon mixed in with the sauerkraut…which I believe is the Ukrainian version.I know,the bacon adds fat,但我必须告诉你,我的素食主义朋友告诉我,这些皮孔学值得打破一些规则。

    • Peggy

      I make them with sauerkraut and onions.Cut the sauerkraut into small pieces,add the finely chopped onion and fry in butter until lightly browned and dry.Fill making sure that nothing is hanging out anpress closed and d continue with boiling

  77. 卡西亚

    嗯,我是波兰人,我们用夸克代替奶油奶酪,we add nut meg and instead of olive oil diced and fried pork fat ( pork bellies r good or raw not smoked bacon),不要酸奶油。Dough we make it out of 3 cups of lower little bot of salt and cup of really warm water.if dough is too leaky add more flower,eggs makes dough tuff,you can add one egg to it but its not needed 🙂

  78. Rick

    Hi ya I never made these yet but can I use grated cheese for the filing same amount 1/3 cup

    • 珍妮

      Pierogies can be made with a number of fillings from potato/cheese to meat to sauerkraut/mushroom to blueberry and other fruit.Traditionally,使用的是像农夫奶酪一样的白奶酪,但有些人使用切碎的切达干酪或帕尔马干酪。As long as the filling tastes good in the bowl,you can make it your own.

  79. 伊娃

    Hi Jenny.生面团是我和皮耶罗吉生活的祸根。This came very close but still was a bit tough around the edges once cooked.They also floated immediately (cue nervousness)!!有一次,用阿塔黄油轻轻地煎一下,它们很好吃……我还是做错了什么……也许捏了太多次了???What is your suggestion please??

    • 珍妮

      Pierogi are not easy to make and it sounds to me like you just need a little more practice.If they floated immediately,it sounds like you may have done something differently than I do because I have never seen that.I've been making pierogi for years and if you follow my recipe exactly,它们在煮熟之前不会浮起来。

    • Rose

      我发现你越多”play"用面团,越难。Try not to keep rerolling the dough.

  80. Zira

    Bom dia Jenny!Acabei de fazer sua receita de pierogi….hummmm… ficou maravilhoso,amei!奥比加多…大阿布拉!Zira,,

  81. Zira

    Boa noite Jenny!Deixei de fazer peerogi porque dava muito trabalho,mas vendo sua receita e modo de preparar….喜欢你的声音。Sou Brazileira e fiquei muito feliz com seu retorno.Obrigado pelo carinho e atenção!Bjs

  82. Genia

    Jenny,捷恩库伊·巴尔佐!I've been making Pierogies for years and I've always used Farmers cheese and milk in my potatoes.I haven't had any complaints and the recipe I use is because I was never able to get my Mom's 徳赢真人娱乐recipes since we weren't allowed in the kitchen while she was cooking.经过反复试验,我终于完善了皮耶罗奇的配方。I will definitely try yours with the cream cheese and water.我喜欢你有一个视频一步一步地展示如何做这道美味的菜。Use to watch your show for years and so happy to connect thru Pinterest.I will send this to all my friends and family.再来一次,捷恩库伊·巴佐!斯玛克涅戈!!

  83. shirola

    我喜欢你的食谱!徳赢真人娱乐everything I make from here its always a big hit with my friends and family.But I have one problem…I tried making the dough for the Pierogi but it came out too sticky 🙁 and I wasn't able to roll it out.是因为太多的酸奶油,water and not enough flour?help me please..I love all your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes!!

    I'm dying to make some Pierogi but its all in the dough.

    • 珍妮

      A sticky dough usually means too much liquid or not enough flour.If it's just a little sticky you can usually add a little more flour.如果太粘,我想知道你是否做了一些不同的事情。你到底是按照配方做的还是做了什么改动?Is it possible you accidentally measured too much water by mistake?This recipe,没有任何变化,should work for everybody every time.如果你再试一次,请告诉我。

  84. Dave

    I cheat on my fillings I will add lipton onion soup mix to the potatoes to taste with the cream cheese

    我也用奶酪包,从孩子们的通心粉和奶酪盒到土豆加培根,来做培根和奶酪皮耶罗馅料。I aso have added chicken and rice right outta the soup can mixed with the cheese and potatoes and they were pretty good too.

  85. Shirola


    I love all your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes!very easy,fun and tasty.I just want to stop and tell you that you have the best pierogi recipe out there.I've tried another one and it failed.The Dough was too sticky and I wasn't able to roll out.I tried your..All I can say is Jenny Can Cook!!我相信你!!

    Thank you for all the great meals.

  86. elzbieta z Łodzi

    J live in Poland and J learn from You polskie pierogi!!

  87. 琳达

    Hi Jenny

    Recently tried cabbage perogies – they were delicious!Any chance you know how to make them,能教我们其他人吗?我喜欢各种各样的赞美诗,but these are my new favorite.I think maybe the filling also included caramelized onions (?).

    • 珍妮

      I have had sauerkraut & mushroom pierogi,太棒了,但是我没有填东西的配方,或者是卷心菜馅——反正还没有。

      • 琳达

        Sauerkraut & mushroom sounds like another delicious idea.Might give those a try as well.Thanks for taking the time to respond.

      • BRENDA


        Buy dry mushrooms.把它们放在冷水中5分钟,排水管,and pour boiling water on them and let them stand for 10 min.Drain (now they are ready).Chop them if they are are big.

        泡菜——2-4罐泡菜。把泡菜皮放在冷水下的过滤器里。SQUEEZE out all water (as best you can to make it as dry as you can).把泡菜放在锅里,煮30-45分钟(这样可以去掉酸味)。再次排空并挤出。Try to make it as dry as possible or it will be too wet and ruin your dough.

        NOW…put 1-1/2 sticks of butter in a frying pan,Dice up one large onion and fry slightly.Mix your squeezed/drained sauerkraut and mushrooms together,add to pan with butter and onion and fry until browned slightly.用盐和胡椒调味。This will take about 1-1/2 hours.

        Now just fill your dough.Good Luck!!

    • Ronnie Legutko

      我炒洋葱,garlic & chopped mushrooms.剁碎,drained cabbage to onion mushroom mixture,season with salt & pepper.I cook this mixture until it tastes just right,总要为此多赚一点钱。我也用黄油煎炸,使填充物更丰富。Let mixture cool,then make pierogi.I also do a mashed potato-cheddar cheese filling.I make the fillings the day before I assemble the pierogi.My dough is 2 cups flour,1茶匙盐和1个鸡蛋,混合我的食品处理器,add cold water thru feed tube til dough comes together,then u r ready to assemble.Hope this helps.

      • 珍妮

        感谢您抽出时间与我们分享。It sounds like a great filling.

      • 琳达


        Thanks so much for sharing.Sounds delicious!Never made perogies before,但想尝试一下。

    • Sandie

      To make a cabbage filling for your pierogies,you simply sauté finely shredded cabbage in butter,and season to taste with salt and pepper.You can also mix in some well drained sauerkraut if you choose.

  88. insPolnische


  89. KC

    This video was very informative!!这些皮耶罗奇人很容易做,而且是和晚餐一起吃的好主意!Thank you Jenny 🙂 I love watching your YouTube 徳赢vwin足球videos.

  90. Mary Ellen

    Jenny – I love your Polish cooking YouTube 徳赢vwin足球videos.I am also Polish,the daughter of Polish immigrants.长大了,我奶奶和她姐姐每年夏天都会来看我们两个星期。We would make pierogis for hours together,filling up our freezer.我们的做法是用泡菜的混合物填满皮孔,minced onion and caraway seeds that were fried in butter.We would then boil the pierogis,cool them down and freeze them by the dozen.When they were ready to cook,we would thaw them and then fry them in butter to heat them through.Now I'm hungry for some good,old-fashioned pierogis!!!!

  91. Jc

    Hi,Jenny!I love watching your 徳赢vwin足球videos on Youtube.You are so entertaining!I have tried pierogi for the first time when my husband bought some home a long time ago.After seeing your tutorial,I decided to make it for dinner last night.My 2-yr old daughter enjoyed helping me roll out the dough.我丈夫很惊讶,也很喜欢你的皮耶罗奇食谱,他说我可以开一家波兰餐馆!Lol.He is happy to know that there are more peirogi in the freezer for next time.My picky eater also liked eating the pierogi.It was worth making them.正如我所说,非常感谢你的烹饪技巧和简单的教程。Keep it going!From Makati,Philippines

  92. Shana

    Hi Jenny,,


    1) I have children who are lactose intolerant what can I use instead of sour cream to keep the dough moist??

    2) Is the pierogi dough supposed to double after it rests??


    • 珍妮

      There are 徳赢真人娱乐recipes online for making your own dairy-free sour cream (with cashews) and you should be able to find lactose-free sour cream at the market.Whole Foods sells it if there's one in your area.Pierogi dough does not double when it rests since there it no yeast.Resting just makes it easier to work with.

  93. 翠西

    yum my grandmother made pierogi with cabbage and onion.可以,t wait to try it thanks

  94. 艾米

    OMG!Jenny,你的Pierogi食谱就是为了死!I told my husband today,他不必吃太多,store bought pierogi again.

    我还做了你的柠檬和黑森林布朗尼;an absolute hit!!
    What can I say?Who knew that baking was this easy,eh??

    I can wait to try your other 徳赢真人娱乐recipes,especially"马科维奇"my favourite cake from my childhood.Dziekuje bardzo;杰斯特姆·纳普劳德·扎克维科纳。🙂

  95. 巴巴拉

    Hi Jenny,我很喜欢你的视频,I have a question;can I boil the pierogies in the potatoe water since it is already hot after cooking the potatoes,also to save washing more pots.Thanks again,you know what you are doing I like watching to get pointers on cooking polish food.

    • 珍妮


      • Angeleone


  96. 伊丽莎白

    你好,詹妮!我非常喜欢你的食谱!徳赢真人娱乐I am very interested in making these.What would I serve these with?我真的被难住了,,

    • 珍妮

      当我长大的时候,我们的主菜是皮耶罗吉,里面只有脆培根和酸奶油。Today I would use them any place you would use potatoes,especially mashed potatoes.Serve them with meat or chicken or at the very least serve them with a vegetable.波兰,I enjoy them with sauerkraut and a little kielbasa.The way I see it,桔子是卷心菜,卷心菜是蔬菜!🙂

    • 莎拉乔


  97. Lubna


  98. 布丽姬


    I am living overseas in a country that doesn't have sour cream readily available.我可以用什么代替酸奶油做面团??


    • 珍妮


  99. M

    Hi Jenny,,
    I just made these perogies this weekend,但我有点作弊,用馄饨皮代替面团。They still turned out great!I served them with homemade soup and an orange cake with cream cheese frosting.I'm looking forward to trying some of your other 徳赢真人娱乐recipes,especially the lemon brownies.

  100. 斯蒂芬妮


    I still can't believe that I watched your talk show for years and now I have found you on Utube making UNBELIEVABLY delicious easy 徳赢真人娱乐recipes!I made your polish pierogi's tonight and OMG they were DELICIOUS!!!Thank you for taking the time to share your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes with us!!!!!

  101. Lauren

    除了煮沸它们还有别的方法吗?Could they be pan-fried or cooked in an oven??

    • 珍妮

      They are essentially raw dumplings and need to be boiled.

  102. Kathie Pipczynski

    I made these pierogis for my Polish-American husband-first attempt at making pierogis in our almost 35 years of marriage.They came out great!The recipe was so easy to follow and my husband loves them!I also made sauerkraut and mushroom ones for me and he likes the potato and onion.我一定会再做一次这个食谱。All in all,I made four dozen-two of each kind.Thanks for a great recipe.I plan on making some of your other 徳赢真人娱乐recipes too.

    • Valerie Hurbis

      Kathie I would love your recipe for the cabbage-mushroom pierogis!!

    • Mandi Shere

      I would love your recipe for Polish Pierogi filled with"酸菜蘑菇”.我会很感激的。🙂

  103. Halina

    I came across your 徳赢vwin足球videos by chance and simply love watching you in the kitchen.你是如此的放松,使一切看起来如此简单,而不是我对烹饪的紧张态度。我记得你在电视上的日子,甚至那时,found watching you was enjoyable!Thank you for showing us how uncomplicated Polish cooking can be.I have printed up quite a few of your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes but am looking forward to making the"Angel Wings"or"faworki"as I know them for my daughter's birthday as an extra treat.Thanks again!!!!

  104. Sarenka

    Can sweet potatoes be substituted for the white potatoes in the filling?I would imagine some moisture needs to added.

    • 珍妮

      There are several different fillings traditionally used in pierogi so you can certainly make them your own.However,too much moisture might make the filling too soft and it could seep out when you boil the pierogi so I would not add extra moisture.

  105. cindy

    I am part polish.我妈妈是百分之百的。Grandparents came to us from poland.学会了如何制作这些,但是我们用干酪做填充物。My children will not eat cold cottage cheese,but these they can never get enough

  106. 马修菲利普

    嗨,珍妮,我是你的忠实粉丝。I made your Pierogi's.Wow what a Great dish!I took a few dozen into my work and they were gone in minutes lol.谢谢你在食谱中简单易行的步骤。徳赢真人娱乐Hope to see more new ones out.

    Cheers Matthew From Calgary Canada

  107. Liz

    你好,詹妮!I'm a young,budding amateur cook who's been reacquainting herself with her Polish and Hungarian heritage of late and I'm so glad I stumbled upon your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes!Pierogi dough has always been my biggest challenge when it came to getting it right,but you're recipe made it so easy to work with.I mixed white and whole wheat flour and the dough came out beautiful.And the filling!Yum!I used the traditional farmer's cheese and added chopped kale for some greenery.我,along with my fiance,were eating spoonfuls in between!Thank you for your wonderful video as well!!

  108. Andrea

    The pierogi's were delicious 🙂 This was the second recipe (video too) that I followed and was very happy with the end result!I made the cabbage rolls on Saturday and they were a huge hit.
    I'm Hungarian decent and have always avoided European dishes because they've always seemed so intimidating.
    Thank you for simplifying the process with your easy to follow instructions,both through video and the printable version.期待着尝试更多的食谱!徳赢真人娱乐!

  109. 巴巴拉

    Dear Jennie:
    I am hoping you can help me.I am 74 years old and have been making pierogi most of my married life.我为一个家庭皮耶罗吉聚会赚了大约250英镑。我通常,让他们在一天之内。I boil them,冲洗它们,用融化的黄油刷一下,然后把它们放在铝箔锅里。派对那天,I add a little water to the pan & put them in a 325 degree oven for 1 to 1 1/2 hrs.Now at my age,I cannot make that many all at one time anymore,所以我想如果我能做小批量的冷冻,it would be easier.I know how to freeze them individually and them bag them,but how do I defrost them without ending up with a big blobby mess?我担心如果我把它们放进冷冻的盘子里,然后放进烤箱,它们可能会粘在一起。I tried reboiling and then putting them in the oven but the fillings turned out watery and flat.Pan frying 250 of them just before sitting down to dinner,seems impossible.My family is very disappointed that there won't be a pierogi party this year.Any ideas??

    By the way,thank you very much for your video.I have never made small batches.我从我妈妈那里学到了很多东西,她总是赚大钱。your video has simplified the process and made it so much easier to explain to my daughters and granddaughters.

    • 珍妮

      给一个比我经验丰富得多的厨师提个建议让我感到羞愧。但据我所知,the key is that the pierogies do not touch each other.在我看来,你可以先用油或融化的黄油摩擦冷冻的黄油,then put them on the foil pans and put them in the oven at 325 to heat.If they are well greased,even if they touch while baking,I think they would be okay.我应该在我的视频中更清楚地看到冻结。我把它们冻住,这样它们就不会碰到袋子里了,一层一层,oiled,然后分开。That takes time and more bags but they are all individually frozen.If they are frozen separated,you can just oil each one again and place them separately in the foil pan.我希望这有点帮助。If not,feel free to write back.

      • 德洛里斯

        你好……我72岁了,和我母亲(93岁刚过世)一起做皮耶罗吉已经60多年了。We always placed pierogi on a well floured cookie sheet in single rows… Heavily floured again over top of them.Placed cookie sheet uncovered in freezer for approx 1-2hrs till frozen to the touch.Then removed from cookie sheet ( they pop right off) and place in plastic freezer bags in amount of 50 to a bag…leaving as much flour as able to on each in boiling water to cook(no pre cooking necessary) will keep in freezer for 6 months.We always made 250 to 300 at a time.As you place in boiling water shake off all the extra flour.Works like a charm and allows you to make large amounts at once .

        • 珍妮

          三百皮耶罗吉?!OMG!!That's the way to do it!非常感谢您与我们分享这一点。一个问题:你把它们放在仍然冰冻的沸水里吗?Thank you.

          • Mandi Shere

            I am from a strong French Ojibwa heritage (northern Ontario Canada) but pierogies are a tradition in our family for several generations,although we have a different name.

            I loved your filling recipe (so close to ours but yours has way less fat in it.(thanks for that 😉 )

            We also make them in large batches but do not precook them.We flour them in a large bowl of flour,在撒上面粉的曲奇片上冷冻,然后放进一个LG数量的拉链袋中,直到需要为止。

            当我们想要皮耶罗奇吃饭(早餐,lunch,supper,after school snack for the kids,or even just for a treat) we simply boil water and add the pierogies"直接从冷冻室出来”(no need to defrost or thaw).事实上,他们最多只需要一分钟,而不是像刚做的时候那样,用新鲜的材料来烹饪。Once they float on top of the water for about 1 min,we remove straight to a plate and either drizzle melted homemade garlic butter or sometimes a dollop of light sour cream and a sprinkle of Parmesan.

            我也用甘薯的混合物做的,洋葱和红糖。They are a wonderful holiday treat with a"dark maple sugar,黄油核桃细雨”over top.好吃!!

            BTW – Have you done a tutorial on making homemade butter?那太好了。It is so easy too!🙂 …… and economical as well as tastier and healthier than store bought.

            I am looking forward to reviewing other 徳赢真人娱乐recipes on your site;especially after reading recipe accolades by your followers in the comments.

            I also wish to extend my appreciation and thank you for sharing your video tutorials… they are very helpful as well as enjoyable.Please continue to warm our kitchens with your warm and friendly help.🙂

            • 珍妮

              感谢您分享有关煮沸冷冻皮孔的信息。It sounds like a good alternative to my way and I will try it next time.I'm from Ontario myself and have been as far north as Kapuskasing!!

    • Ellen

      我希望我有耐心一次做这么多的穿刺术!I usually just do a few dozen at a time,我冷冻它们的方法很有效,I've been doing this for over30 years.After I make the pierogi,I boil 3-4 at a time,about 45 seconds.I take them out of the water witha slotted spoon,and lay them on baking/ cookie racks to cool.I save and clean every foam plate or meat tray I can,我在上面放了一张大尺寸的蜡纸。I lay the pierogi over the surface,but not touching,然后用蜡纸把每一层分开。我从来没有把两层以上的东西叠起来,因为它们很精致。I wrap the whole thing with Press and Seal plastic wrap.Place in a zip lock bag,and place in the freezer.When I want to defrost,I just put them in the refrigerator to thaw,and brown them in a pan with butter.They easily last 6 months this way.我不知道这对你做这么多的人是否有用,but it is very manageable for me.

    • 恩典

      芭芭拉,我是波兰人,皮耶罗基在我的血液里流淌,I have less years experience in making them but my mom and my mother in laws advice.
      You can freeze them uncooked just make sure you dust all of them in flour freeze them in ziploc bags just one layer and lay flat.
      When you ready for your party do not difreeze it.Boil water add little bit of oil and when water is boiling put frozen pierogies one at the time,boil
      Later you reduce heat and cook until they state to float on top.
      Second method is freeze them cooked no need for sprinkling them with flour then unfreeze them and fry it on the pan until golden if you don't like it fryed cook them frozen.Btw we do not put sour cream to the dough it will make it harder and use very warm water fought will be very elastic.Hope that will help feel free to write your opinion to me:)

    • Charlotte

      Wow!You are amazing!你可以举办佩罗派对,教其他人如何制作它们。Then next year they can get together and make it and you can show up and relax and enjoy yourself or help where you like.

  110. 索普

    Your pierogi recipe is so forgiving,still delicious,even when I've taken many liberties.No onion or garlic just the potatoes and cheese but quadrupled the recipe using low fat cottage cheese (drained the liquid) and added reduced fat feta;it's all the cheese I usually have on hand.根据你的Gnocchi冷冻建议冷冻Pierogi's——在我煮沸后放在烤盘上,dried,冷却他们。Store them in the freezer for nearly 3 months and they keep well.我的家人喜欢“新鲜的”,so when they get a pierogi craving,我只需拿出一袋冷冻的皮耶罗奇人,把他们直接放进一壶沸腾的盐水中几分钟,直到水回到沸腾状态,所有的皮耶罗奇人都升到了顶部。I give them a stir now and then to keep them from sticking to each other but they seldom do and voila,pierogis!I used to serve bacon or butter with them,但是现在我用葡萄柚油把洋葱焦糖化,sometimes onion and mushrooms.Would you believe the family doesn't miss the bacon or butter?!有些人甚至光着身子吃!You exhibit such joy and comfort in the kitchen.如果不是因为你在视频中展示的自信和轻松,徳赢vwin足球I'd never have the guts to experiment or try some of the lesser known dishes you're exposing us to.Thank you Jenny.

  111. Alexander S.鲍哈特

    Dear Jenny!I am amazed.我在波兰生活以来就做过皮耶罗吉斯(在1980-81年索里达诺困境中…)。我总是把复杂的方式。我今天试了你的。哦,我的上帝,they vanished here.我必须承认,I ran out of cream cheese,had only half,所以我做了一些自制的干酪。I delight!!!It cheered me up so much to see what you've become and I adore your website and blog.Way to go,honey!!!!

    有一天在罗德岛见?Let me know!!

  112. 埃普里斯

    I made these today.I used cheddar cheese instead of cream cheese ( that's all I had) these were the best pierogi I have ever eaten:) thanks so much for this recipe

  113. Ewa

    As a Polish I can not imagine my life without"皮耶奥吉.I love all of them: with cabbage,"ruskie",with meat,还有甜的:蓝莓,加草莓或甜奶酪。Ruskie pierogi are my favorites.I use farmer cheese and I use usually more cheese then in your recipe.我也多用洋葱。I make dough without sour cream and it works perfect.I use 3 glasses of flour,1 glass of hot water,1 teaspoon of oil,and 1/2- 3/4 teaspoon of salt and 1 egg.( of note polish glass has 250 ml).From this amount of ingredients I received 60 pierogi ( 3 inches).我用同样的方法冷冻它们,但我不在冷冻前烹饪它们。再次感谢您的健康食谱。徳赢真人娱乐I cook most of my meals according to your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes 🙂

  114. Claudia

    Dear Jenny,真的,刚刚看了你做的皮耶罗吉,不得不告诉你你的视频有多精彩。感谢您解释如何使用手指上的面粉来防止面团粘在一起,或者用水来帮助捏/封面团。You have a very good method of explaining and showing.I don't have a You Tube,Facebook or Twitter Account so I'm glad I could contact you on your fabulous website to thank you for sharing both the recipe and your expertise.Take care & God bless you.🙂

  115. Barb

    I grew up watching my mom making the best pierogi ever.我总是被这个过程吓坏了。你的食谱和视频使它简单易用。Made my first batch today and it was a huge success.下一次我会加倍的食谱和冷冻他们。Thank you so much.迫不及待想尝尝土豆煎饼和甜甜圈!!

  116. Cashmere

    Amazing!!I tried these and they were perfect and so very yummy!!

  117. Leelee from OZ

    Gidday from Down Under Jenny – I find it quite ironic.I started out a Jones and ended up a Czyszek!!!
    我做了卷心菜卷,也做了波兰语卷,13年后,她认为我是个厨师——我把波兰语卷做得比她好。Mind you she is 88 years old.她说她现在可以平平安安地死去,因为她知道她的儿子会得到照顾(她确切的话)。
    I love all your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes – but the Polish ones are fantastic as Mum finds it hard to do what she used to do years ago,so I took up the challenge and try to find yummy Polish 徳赢真人娱乐recipes that are good for us.Before your site that was a challenge.
    周末,我为我的成年孩子们做了土豆、奶酪、卷心菜和蘑菇皮耶洛奇,甚至是阿萨鲁的儿子也很喜欢它们。以及挑剔的3岁孙女。My vego daughter has fallen in love with them and asked for your recipe.
    Thanks so much,I am extremely grateful I stumbled onto your site – next up the baked doughnuts -love the flavour buy not the deep frying of the Polish way of cooking them.Warm regards from an Aussie adopted Polish wife.

    • 珍妮

      你能抽出时间写下这一切真是太好了,真是太好了。Thank you so much.

      • Marisa

        Jenny I made these last night!!!What a keeper I can't thank you enough xo

  118. bogeysbaby

    Made these.这么好。Thank you for posting this recipe.

  119. Johanna

    我也在哈姆特拉克以外长大!It's near impossible to find even frozen pierogies here in UT.(And frozen just doesn't cut it when you've grown up with the real thing!).我一直很害怕自己做这些东西,但你的视频让我觉得很容易。The way I was taught did not include the sour cream in the dough…wow is your way better!The dough is fantastic and I couldn't believe how easy they were seal.I made a double batch and only one came undone in the boiling process.我冷冻了一些,还做了一些卷心菜卷。我计划在星期天举行一场盛大的波兰宴会,以纪念教皇约翰·保罗二世被封为圣徒。Thank you SO much for sharing your 徳赢真人娱乐recipe徳赢vwin足球s and videos!These are helping me share the Polish food and traditions with my girls that I grew up with!!

  120. Debbie

    Just made a batch of the pierogi with your recipe.I agree the cream cheese is great in the potatoes…….I did also sneak in some shredded cheddar cheese and wow….these are a keeper.Thanks for the video…….I am a visual learner and you did a great job!!

  121. Vicky

    Great video!How do you reheat if they've been frozen?Also,如果你在装袋前把它们冷冻在烤盘上,they will not stick together.That is what I do when I make egg rolls.I can pull out as many as I want with no problem.Great sight.我想做这些。


    • 珍妮

      That's a good about freezing on a baking sheet.I didn't think of it but that's the way I freeze my gnocchi and they never stick.I put them,不接触,on a baking sheet and once they are frozen solid,我把它们转移到冷冻袋里。So that should work with pierogi as well.By the way,I thaw my frozen pierogi in the refrigerator overnight and then brown them in a little olive oil.

  122. JB

    These were so super easy to make.This would not have been possible nor would I have made them until I saw your video.I made them Friday for dinner I got 30 of them and they were pretty much gone that same night.我5岁的孩子坚持要我们再来一次,因为他非常喜欢第一批。We made a second batch Sat.the next day.We will have to go walk a mile or two very soon.绝对喜欢这些。下一个我们尝尝你的意大利辣香肠比萨。I wanted to add one more thing.Your site makes planning dinner very easy,takes all the guessing as to what should we eat today.Thank you.

  123. Susan

    I would love to make these perogi,can the be made with gluten free flour

    • 珍妮

      I'm sorry I have no experience with gluten-free flour but I did a little research online and I suspect it's not as simple as swapping wheat flour with gluten-free.I'm sorry this is a question I really can't answer – maybe you can try some online resources.

  124. 阿德里安娜

    Oh,Jenquia!!I wish I could call u,but il just tell u that i made these babies today & they are SO luscious!I think tommorow il make them in a parmesan sauce (lighter one)Our new favorite!Thank u for sharing!!!

  125. ijojoi159

    我为晚餐做了这些薄纱,我们很喜欢!!Thank you for sharing your recipe!!我会把另外一半冻住,因为这对两个人来说太多了,但我们计划下周再吃一次。我真的很喜欢你的射程!I've been looking for my dream range for a few months now as we are renovating our kitchen soon!Thank you for sharing!!Xoxo from Canada!!

  126. Chantelle

    Hi from australia.I made your potato pierogi last night.Was sooooo good!!

  127. vdos13

    I made this for my family today and it turned out to be a success (:

  128. Lisa

    I don't know how I came across your pierogi recipe,but these are THE BEST I've ever made!非常感谢!!

  129. Juli

    非常感谢你的食谱!我以前做这些,never used a recipe,我很兴奋能试着用我的手去抓他们……你把一切都解释得如此完美!!

  130. 珍妮丝

    These were soooo delicious.Jenny you made it look so easy,like the rest of the 徳赢vwin足球videos you made.I watched them all and I'm going to try them all!Thank for sharing them 🙂

  131. Nicole McLaughlin

    喜欢你关于皮耶罗吉的视频,也喜欢你的卷心菜卷……your pierogi video was so well done and detail info you give is so helpful….the best I've seen yet….thanks again

  132. Brett

    嗨,珍妮,我试过你的食谱,就像你的卷心菜卷和薄饼一样。我用全麦面粉代替,这需要一些试验,but worked out in the end.Thanks for all your great 徳赢真人娱乐recipes!布雷特从伦敦出发(确切地说是埃格顿和汉密尔顿路)

  133. Patryk

    They look perfectly!Więcej polskich potraw,proszę 🙂 Pozdrawiam

  134. 朗达

    I watched the video and it looks so easy.我想我能做到。I will have to if I want Polish Pierogi because those look so yummy.I do love your Cabbage Rolls and I'm sure these I would love too 🙂

  135. brooszkaa

    pierogi ruskie <3

  136. 罗达

    Fried in Butter and onions!Yum

  137. THB79

    Looks like Saturday's snack has been solved.Think I'll use my pot sticker wrappers as opposed to the fresh dough.在油中稍微棕色,然后加入水和蒸汽,直到水消失。Sorta like yours,in reverse.

  138. Lorri

    Growing up in Hamtramck Mi we had these at least once a week – were not polish we just adopted the delicious foods – my mom always did the potato and onion filing and also the cabbage,咸牛肉和胡萝卜-好吃!To make them healthier for my family we top with a little sour cream and some toasted pecans – my boys are 19 & 20 now and still ask for these lil gems alot for special suppers,还有派对!TY for showing how u make them I always love to watch your 徳赢vwin足球videos!!

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