Chocolate Cake Without Butter

Simple Chocolate Cake Without Butter

Simple Chocolate Cake Without Butter

Enjoy a decadent,moist chocolate cake made with no butter or eggs and no mixer needed.Dust it with powdered sugar or use my butter-free glaze.(*this is the same cake recipe as my Easy One Bowl Chocolate Cake but with a butter-free glaze) -珍妮琼斯

Prep Time:10 minutes

Cook Time:30 minutes

Total Time:40 minutes


Simple Chocolate Cake Without Butter


  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (preferably Dutch-processed)
  • 1茶匙小苏打(非发酵粉)
  • 1/2茶匙盐

  • 1 cup cool water
  • 6 Tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1汤匙新鲜柠檬汁或蒸馏白醋
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. Preheat oven to 350° F.Grease a 9-inch round cake pan.
  2. Sift dry ingredients into a bowl and set aside.
  3. 在量杯中混合水,油,juice or vinegar,香草。
  4. Add liquids to bowl & gently stir until there are no lumps (about 30 seconds).
  5. 倒入平底锅烘烤30分钟,或者直到插在中间的牙签变干净。
  6. Cool completely in the pan and add my chocolate glaze or dust with powdered sugar.

Notes:用一杯糖粉做釉,1 Tbsp.可可粉,1/2 tsp.vanilla + about 4 tsp.milk.I frost only the top - right in the pan.

Simple Chocolate Cake Without Butter

159 Comments on"不加黄油的简单巧克力蛋糕”"

  1. 珍妮特

    I made this cake and it came out perfect.I love it.从现在开始使用这个配方。Thanks Jenny

  2. 弗兰尼

    非常感谢。结果比我想象的要好得多,没有黄油和鸡蛋。Going to keep using it.

    Instead of the glaze I made a ganache with chocolate chips and coconut milk as I never have dairy milk on hand.

    For those needing a dairy milk substitute,I also use coconut milk in cake and other 徳赢真人娱乐recipes,just have to add vinegar or lemon juice for the acid.

  3. Maxine

    This cake must be some kind of special,nothing but good reviews,我刚找到这个食谱,明天我要烤这个蛋糕。我不必去商店买黄油或鸡蛋。I noticed a few people mentioned that they altered the recipe a little,but I'm going to stick to the recipe.再次感谢…

  4. 帕特里克·勒迈尔

    Great start up recipe!Here's some add ons i experimented with…
    I added Flax seeds jelly to make more nutritious and moist.poor boiling water on flax seeds,then whip for a while.在你开始做蛋糕之前,先坐一会儿,冷静下来。
    Mint/chocolate: Make strong peppermint tea,cool down and recipe instead of water.

    • 帕特里克·勒迈尔

      Forgot to mention to sift out the flax seeds if you want to be fancy…

  5. 洛林K

    I tried this recipe the other day and I loved it.I am a big fan of cakes and cookies,pretty much any dessert,but I don't like anything too sweet.这是完美的。I topped it with a cherry topping that I threw together.太好吃了。

    Thanks for the recipe!!

  6. Madison

    这个蛋糕很容易做,我喜欢它有多厚,有多浓。I am in a family of 5 so if I make big deserts people always take big slices but if I make smaller ones like this they take less and I know that with how thick it is it will satisfy the family.

  7. 特丽苏女士

    So glad I found this!I really,真的想要巧克力,但完全没有黄油和人造黄油。
    I baked this in my #8 Wagner cast iron skillet and it came out perfect.
    Turns out in was also out of vanilla,so I substituted Bacardi Black Rum.
    Super moist and a delicious flavor.

  8. Anissa

    My 13- and 9-year old sons searched for a cake they could bake together last night even though we were out of everything!!They came upon your site.太好吃了,they didn't want to save piece for their 12-year-old brother who was at a friend's.今天,as I type this,my 9yr old has a friend over & they are baking a double batch so his buddy can take a cake home!So much fun & so easy.It seriously was yummy — beyond even what I'd hoped for.Printed out the recipe – it's a keeper.Thanks,Jenny![自白:我没有参与他们的网络搜索,寻找一个没有知识的人,butterless cake.They'd started your video while I was buzzing in & out of the room.I just heard a women's voice giving directions.They'd hit"暂停to go gather ingredients & I saw the screen.我说,"That woman looks like the woman from a talk show in the 90s."Then I saw"vwin真人娱乐JennyCanCook"and looked you up — I had no idea of all your new projects,但我很高兴你的项目!]

  9. TeRETZ75

    珍妮,一个星期天下午,我想烤点东西,but noticed in my fridge I had no butter.我在网上搜索了没有黄徳赢真人娱乐油的菜谱,这一个菜谱出来了。

    I am so happy to have found this recipe as not only did it suit my purpose of no butter,but also it contains no baking powder,something my father is unable to have due to renal issues.

    This cake came out so great,现在我的家人要求把它作为他们的生日蛋糕,这是一个额外的奖励,因为我父亲能够参加吃一些糖果。

    Thank you Jenny for the great recipe.Keep them coming.

    Treetz 🙂

  10. Mary Mance


  11. Nancy

    I made this cake exactly as directed the only thing I did differently is i used a 9 inch square pan and it was delicious.I was sceptical,now I'm a believer.谢谢分享珍妮。You made my fellows happy tonight

  12. Melanie

    Hi Jenny – love your 徳赢彩票游戏bread and rolls recipe and gave this one a try.Unfortunately,it wasn't good.It had a very strong metallic after-taste.I was careful to follow the recipe exactly.Any ideas??

    • Jenny

      I'm sorry I don't know.It always turns out well for me with no metallic after taste.

    • Beth


      Are you sure you used baking soda–not baking powder?你仔细测量过吗?我最近读到过,太多的小苏打会导致烘焙品尝起来像金属。或者罪魁祸首是你用的锅?我听说有些金属锅会让烘焙食品尝起来。”tinny."Perhaps lining your pan with parchment paper would eliminate the problem?不管怎样,I would definitely give this recipe another try!I made this cake for the first time over the weekend,and it was absolutely fabulous!祝你好运,烘焙愉快!😊


    • Cindy

      Ughh….my daughter and I baked it as well.我不知道,但它也有金属的味道。Really weird.I threw it out

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I did some research and believe it's from using baking powder containing aluminum sulfate.My brand,Rumford,is aluminum free.I hope that helps.

  13. Michael K.From Canada

    Hi Jenny!I was wondering if I could use this recipe for a white cake just omitting the cocoa & ad a little more flour or something else?Looks good the chocolate will have to try it.

    • Jenny

      I tried and it doesn't work.You might like my yellow cake.

  14. 芭比娃娃

    Hi Jenny,I made cupcakes with this recipe,and they were so amazing!For the frosting,我确实用过甜菊糖,smart balance butter,a drop of half & half,还有一些奶油奶酪。好吃!Love your site!Thanks,芭比娃娃

  15. 克里斯蒂

    Most simple cake ever!美味可口,人人都喜欢!I didn't use butter in the icing I used cream cheese and it was just as good!!Thanks Jenny!!

  16. Ali G TLCDream

    真的!Husband approved.I had Aldi cocoa,我和一个迈尔柠檬作弊了(只在釉料里放2汤匙黄油使其变稠)。尤莫!Only wish I could claim this recipe as my own.5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🍶 make sure you've Got Milk!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  17. No Name Home Cook

    我试了一下巧克力的配方,效果很好。However,there are few changes as I use coconut oil and add 2 tablespoon of sour cream.The cake turns out softer and fluffier.

    Thank you so much for sharing easy to make recipe.I would request for Lava Chocolate Cake Recipe if you have one.

  18. 蜜蜂

    I could not print your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes from print icon that you listed on the web.
    Would you check the problem or anyone has this problem??

  19. David

    你好,詹妮,I've just tried this cake this morning and apart from the usual(for me anyay) cracking on top it looks good.Hope it tastes as good as it looks.

    • Jenny

      This cake should not crack if you follow the recipe exactly,including the side of the pan.Cracks can also happen if the oven temperature is too high or if the cake is baked too high in the oven where it's hotter.

  20. teens...

    Its difficult to make it out.But its delicious

  21. sneha motadoo


    This is the best chocolate cake recipe I've come across!潮湿、密实。就像我喜欢的那样!!
    Thank you for this!!

    • Jenny

      Please send your photo through my"Your Photos"link at the top – thanks.

  22. Christmas


    I love this cake!!
    Stevia or any other natural or artificial (0 cal) sweeteners??


    • Jenny

      I do not know of any sugar substitutes that work in baking.

  23. 海伦

    你好,I am a pastry lover for Greece… i used this recipe for a birthday cake and everybody adored it!!!Thank you so much it's amazing and so healthy.I also love the fact that it is not so sweet …i used a semi-sweet whipped cream as a feeling plus some sour cherries and it was an amazing hit!!Thank you so much..Keep up the wonderful job you do!!!

  24. aniketmakhija

    i made this cake and for decoration i put a flower on top of the cake and it was so beautiful

  25. Mahereenie

    I searched online to find a cake recipe that didn't require butter,and I found this.我对结果很满意。I made two 9″ round cakes,mixing two one-time 徳赢真人娱乐recipes rather than risking doubling the recipe.I used the vinegar rather than the lemon juice,也没有香草精,而是用了半杯咖啡和半杯水。非常美味的蛋糕,very moist and wonderful texture.I put chocolate chips between the layers while it was still warm,and topped it with confectioners sugar.Perfect!!

  26. 西里什

    It is the most moist and delicious chocolate cake I baked ever!!我总是对巧克力蛋糕感到紧张,但现在我感到自信了。Thank you Jenny 🙂

  27. Lanjelin

    So,I made this chocolate cake last night,我们不得不扔掉它。太可怕了。It wasnt sweet at all and the only flavor was an overpowering taste of flour.还有那个釉料…….I wouldnt recommend this cake to anyone.

    • PCDude

      I wondered if this would be the case about it not tasting good.Since it's not your standard way of making a cake.

  28. Lorraine

    珍妮,can I download this full recipe including video from my iPhone as an email to myself.对不起,如果我听起来很蠢,我看不到共享按钮。很好的食谱,因为我不吃黄油,it makes me sick

  29. Shelob

    This recipe worked well without butter and eggs.我用卤素灯烘烤它。Took about 40 mins because it has to be foiled halfway through.我觉得原来的配方太甜了,instead of a full cup of sugar,您可以使用2/3杯,跳过玻璃窗。我用2/3杯糖做了玻璃窗,蛋糕太难吃了,it was so sweet almost bitter.跳过玻璃窗,在上面放些浆果!!

  30. 锡奴鱼

    Hi jenny… Your basic yellow cake had a beautiful texture… Beyond expectations for such a simple recipe..I was wondering if 1/4 cup of the flour could be replaced with cocoa powder..Will it turn out to be a chocolate cake??

    • Jenny

      I have never done this but it seems to me it could work.If I tried it,I would also add 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of salt.Let me know if you try and we can share your results.

      • 锡奴鱼

        I tried it..Replacing just the flour..It seemed a bit drier and was not sweet enough..Will try the way you said..谢谢你的回复。🙂

        • Jenny


    • 锡奴鱼


      • Jenny

        我觉得他们不一样。If you plan to make American 徳赢真人娱乐recipes,it's best to have a set of American measuring cups,或者有些人靠称面粉来做饭,等。,but I do not.

  31. Mhartz

    Hi Miss Jenny,,
    Your cakes looks amazing and very simple…this is suitable for my grandma… Can i use a 7″ baking tin??

    • Jenny

      Changing pan sizes does not always work.I have only made this in a 9-inch round pan so if you want guaranteed success,I would advise using a 9-inch round pan.I did an online search and according to the volume of a 9-inch pan,您也可以使用8英寸或9英寸的方形平底锅。I hope that helps.

  32. Clara

    Hi there,will try as I want to bake for a friend who can't take butter.The problem is that she also can't take baking powder or baking soda.Any recommendation please?Thanks!!

    • Jenny

      I wish I had something but I'm sorry I do not.

    • 安德莉亚

      I'd try using self raising flour instead of all purpose and cut the baking soda ….That should make it rise

      • Jenny

        Thank you for your suggestion but self-rising flour contains baking powder so it may not be suitable.

  33. 亚历克斯

    I am 10 years old and I love baking!Do I use fresh lemon juice or bottled lemon juice?Which would work better??

    • Jenny

      Fresh will always taste better.And it's great you're cooking at ten.Keep it up!!

  34. Jannz79

    喜欢这个蛋糕,当我的伴侣告诉他它不含奶和鸡蛋后,他非常怀疑我的蛋糕。Have made it twice now,first with lemon juice,2ND with ACV & without the vanilla as I had run out.Both turned out perfectly though the vinegar version was slightly lighter and fluffier.我的搭档喜欢更浓的蛋糕,所以更喜欢柠檬汁版本,但这两个都很棒!I also used coconut sugar instead & it was divine!Added dark chocolate chips to the top instead of glazing.喜欢这个蛋糕,从现在起肯定是我的蛋糕食谱,so quick to make and bake,thank you for the great recipe!!!

  35. Jessica lee

    Can I use baking powder instead of baking soda??

  36. June

    Can this recipe be tripled,or even more?I am looking for a recipe to feed 50 kids!Yours sounds delicious.

    • Jenny

      我真希望我知道,但我只能这样做。I'm sorry I don't have an answer.

  37. Demitria


  38. Nithi

    Dear Jenny
    Would this work if I used Apple Cider vinegar??

    • Jenny

      I have seen other 徳赢真人娱乐recipes for this type of cake that use cider vinegar so I believe you can.

  39. 林恩

    美味极了。I was amazed at the simple ingredients.我没剩黄油和鸡蛋了。找到了这个网站。Made this for my husbands birthday and he LOVED it.He loves his chocolate.
    Thanks Jenny.

  40. Arielle B.

    我昨天做了这个蛋糕,我很喜欢。My whole family said the house smelled so good and it tasted even better.

  41. Nina

    亲爱的詹妮,do i use normal sugar or castor sugar?Thank you

    • Jenny

      I use granulated sugar in all my baking unless it's specified as brown sugar.

      • Nina

        非常感谢你回复我的问题。Now I can start baking.

        Best wishes,,

        • Jenny

          Nina,please make any future comments using the Comment links under each recipe.Thank you.

  42. Marlyn

    Hi Jenny,,
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.It was my friend's birthday and had no time to softened the butter for a recipe that's calling for butter ingredients and when googled a recipe that doesn't require butter I fortunately found yours.It was a saving grace,not only it was easy to make but so delicious too (my friend gave my husband and I some to taste) I tried baking it again last week on my step daughters birthday.I used a cup of plain flour and 1/2 of self raising flour and when the cake was done and cooled I halved it,sandwich it with cherry (from a jar) and frost it with chocolate ganache.It was delicious.我昨天又烤了一次,给了一个朋友。I'm really,really impressed how good it is.Thanks again.

  43. Sandi

    I made this cake and it was super delicious…I did not have success with the glaze…very,very watery even when I added extra powdered sugar….used whipped cream.

    • Jenny

      你可以通过慢慢地加入牛奶并尽可能少地使用来控制釉料的厚度。I find that once a glaze is too thin,it's difficult to adjust it by adding more powdered sugar.

  44. Mandy

    This is the best recipe!Made it today it was super moist.爱,爱,爱它……去尝试更多的食谱徳赢真人娱乐

  45. aliza656


    • Cookinglover

      You can definitely reduce the amount of sugar because I did and it was delicious.

  46. julia

    hi jenny can i bake this in a muffin pan?how much do u suggest i fill in each cup?我要烤多久?谢谢您!!

    • Jenny

      I have only made this as a cake so I'm sorry I can't help.你可能需要在网上寻找将蛋糕食谱转换成纸杯蛋糕的方法。

  47. Elizabeth

    What I really liked about this cake–aside from how easy it was and how tasty–was that it lasted for about a week and didn't really dry out.It was a satisfying dessert every single night!!

  48. Hema


    Tried it yesterday.Was very easy and yummy.只是发了点微博(加了2汤匙牛奶和1茶匙咖啡粉)。Was amazing.谢谢。

  49. Visnja

    So simple and so delicious.Dziękuję bardzo for the recipe!!

  50. 琳达

    Hi Jenny,,
    I seen this cake,I'm going to try it for my daughter's first birthday she's not allowed to have eggs or milk.How to make the frosting is there something else that I can use besides milk that will work just as well please help.

    • Jenny

      There are a lot of milk substitutes you can use in cooking or baking like soy milk,杏仁奶,coconut milk,even rice milk or you can look for other 徳赢真人娱乐recipes for frosting made without butter.

  51. Gerry

    Love your site.And I really thank you for actually showing the inside of the cake.Some,not all,but some sites just show you the frosted cake;但你永远看不到里面的样子。Even some cakes that are cut,被狡猾的阴影笼罩,所以你不能看到它看起来颜色,texture,crumb,潮湿的,dry,greasy looking.
    而且你的食谱组织成徳赢真人娱乐分,这样一个人就不必一直扫描来寻找下一种成分。关于那些,I just rewrite the ingredient list in the order they are being added to the batter.Thank you!祝你一切顺利。Gerry (Wybraniec) Wilcox

  52. Mary K

    Fantastic Cake and So Easy!!
    I also used your frosting recipe for a vanilla cake I made,I just eliminated the baking cocoa powder and used a little extra vanilla extract.Thank you Jenny!!

  53. 穆利哈

    Thank you Jenny for the fantastic recipe.我的蛋糕很好吃,我女儿很喜欢。Thanks again.

  54. Aliya

    Hi Jenny!This recipe looks great!我有普通的无糖可可粉,would that be okay to use?Also,I don't have a round pan to bake in,can I use a square 8×8 pan?Thanks!!

    • Jenny

      The recipe calls for unsweetened cocoa powder so regular is okay but Dutch process is better.我不确定一个8英寸见方的平底锅是否能用,但一个9英寸见方的平底锅是否能用,因为它和一个9英寸见方的圆形锅容量一样。

  55. Grace

    Hi Jenny.我可以用白葡萄醋还是麦芽醋,因为它们是我家里唯一的吗??

    • Jenny

      I have only made it as written so I'm sorry I don't know.

  56. Jasmeen

    DELICIOUS!!!我很满意阿罕杜利拉的结果!Tip: add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or strawberry gelato when serving!!

  57. 劳伦

    这是上帝派来的,I just got out for Easter break from college didn't have butter when I came home but dying for something chocolate,tried this added a small squirt of mayo to the mix and good lord this was a sweet blessing

  58. K院长


    This recipe looks great,计划尽快完成!谢谢。P.s Caramel essence (if available) works well to enhance choc flavour,my choice as vanilla extract is so pricey here in S Africa and secondly also find mixing the cocoa with boiling water and allow to cool makes a big difference too,为了增加味道!!

    • 库古

      Hi k dean,,
      Where do you get the AP Flour in South Africa??

  59. 桑德拉

    hi jenny!thanks for the recipe.但是我可以用任何种类的油吗?如。食用油/蔬菜油??

  60. Bubble Girl

    I just want to ask I live in Indonesia so where do I buy the ingredients

    • Jenny

      Which ingredient is not available in your country??

  61. 六月


  62. 德维

    Hi Jenny,,

    Tks for sharing the recipe,and it came out perfectly.I hv one question Jenny.
    Can I add egg?And hwz many egg??


    • Jenny

      This recipe will not work with eggs.It's better to look for a recipe that is already proven to work with eggs.

  63. 德维

    Hi Jenny,,

    Tks for sharing recipe,非常感谢。

  64. 小伙子

    Love at first sight and swept away on first bite.这蛋糕真好吃!!Simple and delicious.Thanks for his receipe.

  65. Jackie Vanderzwaag

    真的!I just had a slice of this cake,it was perfect.This is now my go-to recipe.Love it!!

  66. Tracey & Dani

    Incredibly delicious!非常潮湿!We made this with peanut butter icing and we are loving it!We bookmarked it and WILL be making this again!!!

  67. Karina

    You're truly amazing Jenny.What i did with the water,我喝了半杯水和半杯热咖啡。It came out amazing.
    Thank you so much,这真的帮助了我对深夜烘焙的渴望

  68. Marianne

    令人惊叹的!I tried this recipe today and used Bensdorp cocoa.It turned out chewy,潮湿的,美味可口。With a bit of dusted confectioner's sugar,my cake just had the right amount of sweetness.Thank you so much for this recipe Jenny!!

  69. 梅内菲

    I made this cake during the east coast blizzard yesterday looking on Pinterest for a cake recipe having ingredients in my cupboard.Let me tell you my husband said it was the best chocolate cake he has ever had.I agree and has already been identified to make for his sons birthday in April who loves anything chocolate.I did not have enough of ingredients for the glaze but used some dark chocolate chips I had melted with confectioner sugar and coffee creamer and found a vanilla bean (I ran out of the extract for the batter).Very moist and fluffy cake.Thank you for posting so I had something to do during blizzard than shovel and watch TV 😊

  70. 萨明

    Hi Jenny,,
    I followed the recipe to dot and it turned out really moist and soft.However,我觉得有些东西缺少味道。It was less sweet but that I can adjust.我觉得最主要的问题是你能尝到面包/面粉而不是丰富的巧克力。徳赢彩票游戏It was cooked properly but not sure why I felt that flour taste.Could it be that the less sugar makes u feel that way?你能告诉我你有什么想法吗?

    • Jenny

      使用荷兰工艺可可在烘焙方面有很大的不同。颜色更深,richer,and less bitter than regular cocoa.告诉我你用了什么可可,我们就从那里开始。Also,let me know if you made any changes at all to the recipe.你用的是真正的香草精吗??

      • 萨明

        感谢您的及时回复。I used dutch processed cocoa that I got from world market and I also used real Vanilla extract from local Safeway.我严格按照食谱做的。我用柠檬汁在9英寸的平底锅里烤。Only thing that I can think of is that my baking soda was more than a month old and Also the fact that I did not make icing.我在上面加了高质量的巧克力片,这真的有助于味道。

        I am really impressed with the texture of the cake I just need to fix the flavor part.I appreciate your help.🙂

  71. 朱莉佩里

    This recipe rocks!I've tried it both ways.Once with fresh lemon juice and once with vinegar.醋更轻更蓬松,while the lemon juice is perfect for volcano chocolate desert.我融化了香草的糖霜,淋上了毛毛雨……太完美了!今晚我要尝尝这里列出的巧克力釉料。会让你知道它是怎么过去的。但总的来说,我给它一个五星级的口味和时间框架!Thank you

  72. Izzaty

    Omg..whut an easy,I love it!I'm just finish trying this recipe and it works 😉

  73. Ange

    I absolutely love this recipe Jenny! It makes it fat low for people on a diet。
    我总是看你的视频来表达我的想法。很遗憾听徳赢vwin足球到有人对你的坏东西进行了补充,what they type is nonsense.

  74. carlrose

    Hi jenny,我现在要做这个蛋糕来参加生日聚会,因为它既简单又容易,但当我读到评论时,我只是想了一下,但我还是做了。Wish me luck.Hope the outcome is beautiful.I love you by the way.

  75. Uzma

    Do we have to use vanilla or vanilla essence please reply 🙂

    • Jenny

      With all my 徳赢真人娱乐recipes vanilla refers to vanilla extract,which is not the same as vanilla essence.Vanilla extract is made from real vanilla pods and has a strong,真正的香草味。香草香精是一种化学制品,味道较差。如果你得不到提取物,你应该研究这些差异,以确定你需要多少本质,可能更多。

  76. 伊莲


  77. 伊莲

    Can I use sugar substitute?Hubby is diabetic but loves chocolate.
    Hope so.

    • Jenny

      I wish I could help but I've never baked with a sugar substitute.

    • 泡沫

      Have you tried replacing the sugar with unsweetened applesauce or using an applesauce that is ok for them to eat… Applesauce is a good substitue for sugar….I am unsure on equivalents though… good luck 🙂

  78. kat

    天哪,珍妮刚做了这个蛋糕,it is so easy to make and absolutely delicious,谢谢您。

    还有珍妮,我每周都做卷心菜卷,they are a big hit in my house,谢谢你

  79. 阿克夏

    Is there no eggs????

  80. Angie

    Thank you Jenny!!
    超级简单的食谱!I just made it and came out of the oven looking amazing and with excellent taste!Fresh mom with a 4 months baby time for something more complicated!Thank you for posting this!!!

  81. Amateur in baking

    Thanks for the recipe!It works and the cake looks good.🙂 However,它尝起来不像我想象的那么软。Are there some steps that I need to take note of to ensure that the texture is soft??

    • Jenny

      This cake is very soft so I'm guessing there is something you are doing differently.Please tell me exactly what ingredients you are using,including the type and size of pan and I will try to help.

  82. Peter

    Aww!!I LOVE Jenny Jones…I missed seeing her on TV.I hope she can come back as she was such an awesome TV personality.

  83. 埃利诺

    I tried this simple cake today and it came out great.I used a Loaf pan and it came out perfect.I made it my own by adding some coffee and orange extract.这将是我的蛋糕。I always have the ingredients in the house.It can be the base for other cake ideas.You are only limited by your own imagination.Thanks Jenny.:-)

  84. 丽莎

    Fabulous cake!Who knew a cake without butter or eggs could be so delicious.为我丈夫的生日做的。Instead of frosting I sprinkled blanched almond slices and mini chocolate chips on top.Looked very festive.Thank you Jenny!!

  85. 西姆兰纳格拉

    Hi jenny,,

    • Jenny


  86. 叶蝉

    On another note… what happens if you leave vanilla out?And what can you substitute it with??

    • Jenny

      我不知道香草的替代品,它确实能增强巧克力的口感,which is why it's in most chocolate 徳赢真人娱乐recipes.The cake will taste much better with vanilla.

      • Carole

        Thank you for posting this recipe.I was looking for low cholesterol,healthy chocolate cake 徳赢真人娱乐recipes.I'll definitely try it this afternoon.In reply to Ylenia's comment on leaving vanilla out,我绝对喜欢香草口味,但磨碎的橙子皮也可以和巧克力口味搭配。你怎么认为??

        • Jenny

          Orange zest & chocolate are always good together.

  87. 叶蝉

    Simply fantastic

  88. pridypholar

    我这样做了,我觉得自己像个天才……but the only issue is that the cake did not rise like when I use butter and egg for my sponge cake
    I use baking powder instead of baking soda and I also added honey to it will this affect my output

  89. ChocolateChipCookieBro

    I have everything except the cocoa powder.-.-;;And I'm broke.But,一定会在某个时候尝试。

  90. Charlene

    Baked the cake last night and it came out perfect,and I use milk instead!.

    Thanks for the easy to follow recipe 😀

  91. Chris

    Is it possible to use half the amount of oil and stevia instead of sugar??

  92. Jan

    I made this recipe yesterday,Jenny and it came out perfectly.This is the first time I have ever made my own frosting and the cake is the best I have ever tasted.My family really likes it very much too.

  93. Kayla Walters

    你的食谱再次拯救了一天。So easy and simple!☺

  94. Gean

    Hi Jenny I just finish making this cake and it is very good,thanks for the recipe.

  95. elzbieta z Łodzi

    Thank You Jenny,我喜欢它。

  96. This is the recipe for Chocolate Crazy Cake that I have been baking for almost 18 years.(Also known as Depression Cake when eggs & butter where hard to obtain during the war).A friend gave me this recipe when I needed a birthday cake for our food allergic son.This is a popular recipe within the food allergy community.It's our"go to"recipe for an egg free,无奶蛋糕。My recipe is doubled and baked in a 13 x 9 pan or I sometimes use your measurements for an 9 x 9 or a dozen cupcakes.I've never had a problem with bitterness or the cake falling apart.Always perfect!!

  97. 贷款

    Hi Jenny,,
    分享食谱。我可以用牛奶代替一杯水吗?I'd like to try making this cake.Thank you very much

    • Jenny

      I have never made this cake with milk but I will check around for a recipe similar to this that uses milk,and report back.

    • Sarah

      I have tried this cake with water,milk,chocolate milk and soy milk and they all came out beautifully.Hope this helps and Jenny,谢谢你的绝妙配方。

  98. Joseph

    I have to disagree.I have made this cake three times already (with the butter frosting) and find it perfectly moist and delicious.You can have your cakes made with 2 sticks of butter but this is my only chocolate cake now.我的孩子们也喜欢!Jenny感谢所有的无黄油和低黄油食谱。徳赢真人娱乐

  99. Ewa

    Two other cakes in your blog have exactly the same recipe:"Easy one bowl chocolate cake"和“Healthy chocolate cupcake".I baked both of them and I agree with the person who posted the comment before me: Mel -in a way that I will not be using this recipe again.Not because the cake fell apart.On the contrary: the cake looks and keeps the shape very good but in my opinion it just does not taste well.它有我不喜欢的特殊气味(可能是小苏打的味道)。I baked it twice with fresh ingredients and it just did not work.我已经试过你们中的许多食谱了,我只是喜欢其中的大部分。徳赢真人娱乐Thank you.

  100. Chris

    Jenny I made this cake with the frosting and it was sooooo good!!但我要用这种方法试一下,不要抹黄油糖霜。谢谢你分享你所有的烘焙,especially the ones without butter.

  101. Mel

    I did not like this recipe,it turned out bitter and falling apart.It didn't hold or have the texture you expect from chocolate cake.Will not be using this recipe again.

    • Jenny

      谢谢你这么快就做好了——我几个小时前刚把食谱贴出来。烘焙是一门精确的科学,即使是最细微的改变也会导致食谱失效。If you follow the recipe without making any changes,it does not fall apart and is not bitter.The bitterness may be from not using Dutch process cocoa.Please let me know what changes you made,if any,(with the ingredients,technique,or size of pan) because I've been making this cake for years and it's always moist and sweet and never falls apart.I'd be happy to help figure out what went wrong so please let me know.


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