Feb 12,2016

Whole Wheat Banana 徳赢彩票游戏Bread with Chocolate Chips & Nuts


这是我简单的一碗香蕉坚果面包配方,不加黄油,使用全麦面粉。徳赢彩票游戏You'll need two medium size very ripe bananas (the riper,the sweeter) and some dark chocolate chips.I also add lots of toasted nuts and since I can never decide,I use both walnuts and pecans.I love baking without butter so I use oil in this quick 徳赢彩票游戏bread.I prefer extra light olive oil but you can use any vegetable oil or canola oil.

I use a standard size loaf pan and it's the best size for this quick 徳赢彩票游戏bread to rise up in the oven.Mine is 8 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches and even though it's non stick,I still grease it.用这个尺寸的平底锅你会得到最好的效果。

准备工作非常简单,不到一个小时就可以完成。What you get is a moist and yummy banana 徳赢彩票游戏bread with nuts and chocolate chips.The chocolate chips are optional but… com'on… everything's better with chocolate chips!!点击这里为了食谱。–Jenny Jones

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  1. Smiley in AZ

    Just want to tell you how much I enjoy your 徳赢vwin足球videos.Thank you so very much for sharing.I especially enjoy your presentations.What an inspiration you are!你让我我所看见的一切都想尝试。Today,I am about to get started on Chocolate Chip Banana 徳赢彩票游戏Bread.迫不及待想和我的家人分享这个!Once again,thank you for sharing.我爱你的灵魂。

    • Smiley in AZ

      I love your 徳赢vwin足球videos.You have a very kind spirit,as well.Thank you so much for sharing your delectable 徳赢真人娱乐recipes.They all look so yummy.我今晚在船上,ready to make banana chocolate chip 徳赢彩票游戏bread.Think I will toss in a cup of pecans,too!I know my family will love it.What an inspiration you are.Thank you once again for being a blessing.You are much appreciated.God bless and do keep those 徳赢vwin足球videos coming.😊

  2. kim

    got this message when i clicked for recipe
    Error 404 – Page Not Found

    do you have another link for it?it sounds yummy..
    thank you

    • 珍妮

      Thanks for letting me know.The link is fixed.

  3. Fivia Bagh

    I just did make the 徳赢彩票游戏bread and now I am doing the banana bread .thanks I am so lucky to find you btw .the bread come perfection!!!!!

  4. Mrs jaspal kalra

    Hello how R u
    Thanks a lot sending whole wheat banana cake

  5. gambra1

    Divina total!!!Me encantan todas sus recetas,algunas son conocidas,pero tú les das un toque especial a todo,que es maravilloso hacerlas nuevamente.Gracias!!!Saludos desde Argentina

  6. Tammy

    Please make all your 徳赢真人娱乐recipes available on video.I only watch video 徳赢真人娱乐recipes and徳赢vwin足球 your videos are awesome.Please make more😊

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